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This app is to be used for entertainment purposes only. The results of this test are not credible and are not applicable to real life. How it works After you started the app, touch the lips on the screen with your lips or finger and wait for your results of the test (the results are random and shouldn't been taken seriously).

You've always felt different and unique. As if you possess some kind of a super hero power and you are destined for greatness. Maybe there is something more to it than just a silly feeling. Download What is My Super Hero Power? - free app and watch as you finally enter the world of magic. If you type in your name and the date of your birth into our superpower generator, your hidden skills will be revealed to you in a matter of seconds. What is your magic power? Are you one in a million to possess a superhuman strength or you can steal a shape and a form of any creature of the earth with your shapeshifting ability? To be honest, being able to do any of those things would be a dream come true. But saving the world is not like playing super hero games! With the great power comes great responsibility! That's why we put a trust in you to use your magic powers for good and only good!

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Enter your name and date of birth!

Discover your best magic ability!

Find out about interesting ways of using your magic powers!

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Share with your friends and compare your superhero power effects!

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Are you curious to know what is your superpower? Are you capable to move at the speed of sound? Imagine not getting to work late ever again!? Or maybe your special power is time traveling? Going back to the future or reliving your favorite memories sounds more than tempting. Discover which magical powers lie deep within you and unleash them! Based on your name, you can test What is My Super Hero Power? and learn things about yourself you didn't know before. You can play these magical games for girls and boys with your friends and compete on who has better super powers. But don't hold the grudge, because that is what your enemies want. Remember, only united you can save the world! And every single contribution counts. So use our super power scanner and see how you will fight the villains!

Would you like to know which superhero are you? Pretty soon you will. If you just take your time to take our superpower test, based on your results, you'll be able to figure out what kind of a superhuman are you. Will you use your invisibility in the combat or maybe telekinesis? This magic power app will tell you! The only thing you have to do is write down your name and the date of your birth and next thing you know, crystal ball fortune teller - What is My Super Hero Power? is showing the results on your phone screen. Our superpower games will change your life to the core! But be careful. Possessing any power of magic can easily take you to the dark side. Just be true to yourself. What superpower do you have does not define you. It just gives you the chance to do something good!

What is my superpower? Is there a way to find that out? Glad you asked! There are new magic power games on the market that allows you to finally see what is your secret strength and how to use it. What is My Super Hero Power? works simple. Just type your name along with the date of your birth. In a couple of seconds this superpower detector will do its calculations and give you the results. Your life is about to change! Are you going to control minds? We all know this can be a blessing as well as a curse. Maybe you will end up with something more joyful, like the power of flying! Nothing more soothing than a breeze on your skin and an amazing view of the world from up above. Super powers are not what makes you different from others, but the way you use them. So use our superhuman apps wisely!

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