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Virtuemart Bike Store Template for Webware

By NetbasePaid

Key Details of Virtuemart Bike Store Template

  • Add a bike store template to your Virtuemart.
  • Last updated on 3/18/2014
  • There have been 7 updates

Developer's Description

Add a bike store template to your Virtuemart.
In western culture, sporting habit has been developed for a long time ago until now. Physical practice is carried out frequently resulting in different types of sports and riding bicycle is one of them. Therefore, it is said that sport stuff and tools have been gradually a potential market for e-commerce; bicycle shop is not an exception. So if you have been nurturing the ambitious opening a bike online store or a shop owner wants to innovate the store's bored interface, let's try our creative and dominating new product. Virtuemart Bicycle Store Template is our newly-developed product containing a variety of nice features and a stunning layout.The template with the background of black and red is a fully appealing feature bringing an explosive and energetic feeling for sportaholics, especially for bicycle riders. The powerful mega menu helps to classify neatly a wide range of products in a drop-down list. Thus, no matter how many product your store wants to showcase, it can meet.

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