Key Details of Velestor AgroPilot System for Windows 10

  • Work on a free GPS signal.
  • Last updated on February 29, 2024
  • There have been 2 updates
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Velestor AgroPilot System for Windows 10 0/4

Developer's Description

Work on a free GPS signal.

- Work on a free GPS signal.

- Measurement function of the area of the field along the edge of the spray boom.

- Night and day modes of operation.

- Differential mode DGPS (with VELESTOR receivers).

- Any width of the gun is exposed.

- The counter of the hectare processed and the passed way.

- Operation of the device along the contour of the field (curvilinear fields)

- Parallel driving along the AB line

- Ability to view recorded driving.

- Ability to return to the starting point (to continue working in the field).

- Automatic saving of work cards)

Professional version, works only with Bluetooth GNSS receivers VELESTOR

You can use this application to organize parallel driving, measure the area of ?the field, automatically control the sprayer sections by connecting the VELESTOR Sprayer Controller.

Together with the device, an activation card is supplied. The card shows the serial number of the device and the PIN. Turn on the GNSS Bluetooth receiver, run this application, enter the serial number and PIN in the appropriate fields, click "Send". During registration, your device must have access to the Internet. On subsequent launches, the connection process will take place automatically.

Installing the antenna. Where better to install the antenna on the roof or on the hood?

If the antenna is on the roof, the receiver receives a better signal but the swaying of the tractor along the sides, affects the curvature of the trajectory. Installing the antenna on the hood, you get more smooth trajectories but the signal quality drops. The optimal place for installing the antenna on the front of the hood of the tractor, in this case the antenna is farther from the roof of the cab and sees more satellites, the trajectories are more smooth.

The application is developing, if you want to see new features or find errors in use, leave your feedback, we constantly update the application, release new, necessary functions and increase its performance.

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