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  • Unreal Tournament.
  • Last updated on December 29, 2019
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Unreal Tournament.

* This app is not a game

Compete against other players in various game modes while competing to be the top frag on your team. Join in classic deathmatch where every player it out for themselves, or work together in games modes like Capture the Flag and watch each other's backs to securely score capture points. The arsenal from previous Unreal Tournament games returns and weapons decorate the landscape, from the classic Rocket Launcher to the tactical GES Bio Rifle. Every weapon has a distinct firing capacity that must be used optimally to add a tally to your kills. Survive the hailstorm of bullets by picking up armor packs and using the complex environments to your advantage. Run across walls, jump, and dodge to avoid enemy fire while lining up opponent avatars in your sights. Gain experience and unlock cosmetics, like stylish sunglasses, to create a distinct avatar, and rank up to show off your skill level. Play on maps designed by the developers and maps created by players, thanks to Unreal Tournament's crowdsourced development philosophyplayer feedback dictates the development course.

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