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Unit Converter - Unit Conversion Calculator for Android

By ToastguyzFree

Key Details of Unit Converter - Unit Conversion Calculator

  • All in one unit converter is a flutter app for converting and calculating one common unit to another common unit conversion tables.
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Developer's Description

All in one unit converter is a flutter app for converting and calculating one common unit to another common unit conversion tables.

All in one unit converter is a flutter app for converting and calculating one common unit to another common unit conversion tables.

All in one converter is a smart converter and smart calculator app developed in flutter framework with beautiful and smooth UI to calculate daily life basic and advance units.

Units converter is an utility tool full for teachers, students, engineers and common unit conversion users for conventional uses. Unit converter can be used for measuring physics, mathematics, civil or any other common units.

Unit conversion calculator covers all the common SI units as well as Common metric units.

Our common unit converter covers 15+ unit conversion charts or unit conversion categories and it contains more then 500+ units for unit charts.

List of metric converters or metric calculators are covered in this app are as following,

=> Length Converter (Distance Converter) (Length Conversion Chart & Distance Conversion Chart)

=> Weight and Mass Converter (Weight Conversion Chart & Mass Conversion Chart)

=> Volume Converter (Volume Conversion Chart)

=> Temperature Converter (Temperature Conversion Chart & Temperature unit converter)

=> Area Converter (Area Conversion Chart & Area Units)

=> Pressure Converter (Pressure Conversion Chart)

=> Energy Converter (Energy Conversion Chart)

=> Power Converter (Power Conversion Chart)

=> Force Converter (Force Conversion Chart)

=> Time Converter (Time Conversion Chart)

=> Frequency Converter (Frequency Conversion Chart)

=> Speed Converter (Speed Conversion Chart)

=> Plane Angle Converter (Angle Conversion Chart)

=> Data Storage Converter (Length Conversion Chart)

=> Fuel Consumption Converter (Fuel Consumption Conversion Chart)

unit converter all in one covers some of the most common units in this app are as follow :

=>meter, kilometer,decimeter, centimeter, millimeter, micrometer, nanometer, mile, yard, foot, inch

=>kilogram, gram, milligram, ton, pound, ounce, carat

=>cubic meter, cubic kilometer, cubic centimeter, cubic millimeter, milliliter, gallon, cubic mile, cubic yard, cubic foot, cubic inch, cubic decimeter

=>kelvin, Celsius, Fahrenheit, Rankine, Reaumur, Triple point of water

=>square meter, square kilometer, square centimeter, square millimeter, square micrometer, hectare, acre, square mile, square yard, square foot, square inch

=>pascal, kilopascal, bar, psi, ksi, Standard atmosphere

=>watt, exawatt, petawatt, terawatt, gigawatt, megawatt, kilowatt, deciwatt, centiwatt, milliwatt, microwatt, nanowatt, horsepower

=>newton, kilonewton, gram-force, kilogram-force, ton-force, giganewton, meganewton, dekanewton, decinewton, centinewton, millinewton, micronewton

=>second, millisecond, minute, hour, day, week ,month, year, decade, century

=>meter/second, kilometer/hour, mile/hour, meter/hour, kilometer/minute, foot/hour, yard/hour, yard/minute, mile/minute

=>degree, radian, gradian, minute, second, gon, revolution, circle, turn, right angle, sextant

=>meter/liter, exameter/liter, petameter/liter, terameter/liter, gigameter/liter, kilometer/liter, mile/liter, meter/gallon

=>bit, nibble, byte, character, word, block, kilobit, kilobyte, megabit, megabyte, megabyte, gigabit, gigabyte, gigabyte, terabit, terabyte, terabyte, floppy disk, CD, DVD etc.

Unit measurement app also has other information features related to the unit calculations and SI units.

Unit conversion wizard is our first app experiment in the flutter framework. We are trying to make this measurement converter to make one of the best unit converter for android as well as best unit converter for flutter.

Unit conversion calculator gives you an option for unit selections and then gives you appropriate metric conversion results.

We are continuously developing new features for all in one unit measurements app and updating common converter app.

Feel free to request the new features for universal unit converter and suggestions are always welcome by the development team.


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