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  • Type 2 diabetes is Worlds fast-growing chronic disease, yet it can be prevented with the right diet and regular exercise.
  • Last updated on 10/9/2020

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Type 2 diabetes is Worlds fast-growing chronic disease, yet it can be prevented with the right diet and regular exercise.

Type 2 diabetes is Worlds fast-growing chronic disease, yet it can be prevented with the right diet and regular exercise. Whether you have already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic and hoping to avoid full-blown diabetes, this easy-to-understand application teaches you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and good blood glucose control so that you can prevent long-term complications.

Type 2 diabetes is actually the most common type of diabetes. It is basically the non-insulin dependent diabetes. Type-2 diabetes is also known as lifestyle diabetes and it is associated with obesity commonly; high glucose level, high blood pressure, all indicate that you may have type-2 diabetes.

You probably need to take some medicines to treat the issue but this is important to take good interest in your health first, watch the food intake, and monitor the blood sugar level regularly and reduce the carb and sugar intake also.

Despite all the myth, enjoying plenty of sweet treats is just not among many other things that are the real reasons for type-2 diabetes. There are some definite conditions that can enhance the potential of a person to get this type of metabolic condition.

You will usually find two different categories that related to the root cause of type-2 diabetes: Those you cannot simply control and things that you can control.

Factors you cannot control

Age factor

The odds of acquiring this type of diabetes go up as a person gets older. Type-2 diabetes affects generally both the females and males above forty years old and people over sixty-five years are at higher risk.


Studies have shown that diabetes runs clearly within the families. If your parents, grandparents or even siblings have type-2 diabetes, your chances will grow also.

Medical background

Women who dealt with gestational diabetes during pregnancy period are more likely end up with type-2 diabetes within ten years. People suffering from hypertension, heart attack, higher cholesterol level have more chances to have type-2 diabetes.

Factors you can control

Inactive women and men are more likely to develop type-2 diabetes. If you do not a workout you will be at an increased risk probably.

Extra weight

Around eighty percent of people, who are suffering type-2 diabetes, is quite heavy and in more cases suffering from obesity too. Extra fat enhances the chances of acquiring diabetes drastically.

Your eating routine

Meals you love not may be on the list that causes diabetes but they are linked to your health or your weight as well. When your diet is full of calories like junk foods, you have greater chance to acquire type-2 diabetes.


There are many prescription drugs like anti-depression drugs, an antipsychotic medication that can raise your likelihood of type-2 diabetes.

How to prevent type-2 diabetes

Stay fit and active always and start excising on a regular basis. You can go for freehand exercise or can join a gym to stay fit and by this way reduce the chances of diabetes. Dont like to do exercise? Turn on the music system and dance as you like with your kids that may help you to stay slim and trim and will decrease the chances of diabetes.

Avoid oily, spicy, high calories junk foods but add the vegetables, fruits, and grains to your diet chart.

Increase your water intake level and add more organic juices in your food chart.

Maintaining healthy lifestyle is a good way to reduce some chances of type-2 diabetes.

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