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Tinnitus Describer for Android

Key Details of Tinnitus Describer

  • Install Tinnitus Describer on your Android device.
  • Last updated on 8/21/2020
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Developer's Description

Install Tinnitus Describer on your Android device.


Q/What is Tinnitus Describer?

A/It is an application that helps People who have tinnitus to describe and measure what they hear in their heads.

Q/How can this application Describe my Tinnitus?

A/It will describe your tinnitus by identifying The type of tone and the volume of the tone.

Q/How to use the application?

A/Here are few tips before using:

1- You have to use mini earphones.

2- Adjust the volume of the mobile to the

highest degree.

3- You have to make the test in a calm room.

Q/What is next?

A/When You access to the main room to describe Your Tinnitus,A several buttons and sliders will appear.

The following steps are recommended:

1 Adjust the volume with what suits your hearing.

2 choose the tone closest to your tinnitus tone.

3- choose the appropriate pitch through the

first slider.

4- Select the appropriate volume for sound height

through the second slder below.

5- You can use multi layers now and save the tone.

Q/Are other people will listen to what I hear exactly?

A/Yes and no,It will depend on hearing loss of both of


Q/Why did I feel that My tinnitus level has increased after using the


A/Yes,Some people will feel a high level of tinnitus after using the application because of the tension and focus on the subject of tinnitus as the best treatment for the tinnitus is ignoring it,We advice that people to

leave the social media and applications who tuch with the tinnitus who may increase the level of tinnitus.

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