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Tide and Weather - SurfTide for iOS

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Key Details of Tide and Weather - SurfTide

  • Get tide & weather of Japan.
  • Last updated on May 5, 2020
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Developer's Description

Get tide & weather of Japan.

SurfTide can be able to make the tide graph for surfers, fishermen and other people who enjoy marine sports. It show the weather forecast and the waves information as well.

(Tide's places are only Japanese. Use Japan time zone.)

You can check around 340 places of the tide in Japan.

Tide graph is calculated with the "Tidal anharmonic constant" inside app. so you don't have to down load any data of the tide.

You can check quickly current tide.

The app show a flashing mark on the tide graph current time. so you can check easily the tide moving. Also you can check a sunrise and a sunset from graph.

That's very useful for such as surfers, fishermen and and other people who enjoy marine sports.

It's convenient for fishing too.

The app can be able to show a good time for fishing. They are between high tide and low tide on a few hours. In Japan, it's called "".

You can select easily the place you want.

You can select from menu, places of you've seen before, easily. Also apps GPS function can able to know a tide's place nearby here, and show the tide graph and the weather forecast.

You can check the weather forecast every an hour for 7 days.

You can get the weather forecast data for tide's place every an hour for 7 days. The data has important waves information for surfers such as the wind direction, the wind speed, the waves direction, the waves height and the waves cycle.

The weather data is showed together the tide graph and numeric datas. so you can predict a future's condition of waves and tides.

The weather data is provided by the online service of "WorldWeatherOnline". Very occasionally, maybe once or twice a year, there are times when data is not sent but usually a few hour after, it woudl be fixed. In this case, you should wait one in a while.

You can check the weather map.

You can check weather map charts maximum 26.

The charts includes yesterday's chart fo every 3 hours, today's chart fo every 3 hours, forecast after 24 and 48 hours and future forecast for 10 days.

You can check daily news of surfing and fishing.

When there are new news, it's noticed by the icon marker on the app. You can read news such as surfing, fishing, this app's information and other.

The news is provided by Google news feed.

You can register your favorite sites

e.g. wave or weather forecast information etc..

You can show some data to your widget on device.

You can show some information on the tide graph and weather forecast on a widget. That is the last tide's place you selected.

Displayable data from app

- Tide Graph

- A good time for fishing

- Time of low tide and high tide

- Age of moon

- Tidal anharmonic constant

- Sunrise,Sunset and more infomation

- Moonrise,Moonset and more infomation

- Weather forecast information every hour

- Weather icon mark (42 kinds)

- Atmospheric air pressure (hPa)

- Waves direction (by icons)

- Waves height (centimeter)

- Waves cycle (c/m)

- Wind direction (16 direction)

- Wind speed (m/s)

- Temperature (celsius)

- Humidity (percent)

- Seawater temperature (celsius)

- Precipitation (millimetres)

- Visibility (0 to 10, 10 is all clear)

- Weather map chart (past, live and forecast)

- News of surfing, fishing and more

Additional notes

Some information are shown Japanese Kanji, because that is a place name and unique to Japan.

Especially, name of the tide is unique. It is explained below. 'Shio()' mean tide.


It's a day when a lot of tide difference high and low. It's around the full moon and the new moon.


It's between and .


It's a day when few of tide difference high and low.


It's a day after .


It's a day that tide starts to move again. It come after .

The places name is difficult to chang to Roman letters. So In the app it shown in Japanese Kanji as it was.

If you have any questions, please contact me from 'CONTACT' on the app support or developer website.

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