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  • The Kings Ears is an inventive, beautifully illustrated, animation-rich, and highly interactive story app adapted from an award-winning childrens.
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The Kings Ears is an inventive, beautifully illustrated, animation-rich, and highly interactive story app adapted from an award-winning childrens.

The Kings Ears is an inventive, beautifully illustrated, animation-rich, and highly interactive story app adapted from an award-winning childrens picturebook. It is narrated by Terry Jones of Monty Python fame and illustrated by Philippe Bh, a lauded childrens book illustrator of over 170 books. The story, based on the ancient Greek myth of King Midas, has been retold for a modern audience by poet and early childhood specialist Katarina Jovanovic. Shining with wisdom and wit, The Kings Ears is about accepting yourself just the way you are. The apps meaningful and fun interactions, rich sounds, and child-controlled animations stimulate thoughtful discussion.

Brilliantly executed and hilarious! Michael Katz, publisher, Tradewind Books

A beautifully rendered app.The Kings Earsstands out for its attention to detail and meaningful interactivity through clever, playful animations. The sound design is outstanding. My 6 year-old daughter and I love exploringThe Kings Ears together; we find something new every time."Dr. Eric Meyers, Chair, Master of Arts in Childrens Literature, UBC

"The King's Earsoffers children both an enjoyable experience and a narrative challenge that will stretch their thinking. This app takes exciting risks with new forms of storytelling and invites re-reading, which is certainly an important testimonial to its effectiveness. I'm blown away by the production values." Professor Margaret Mackey, author of "Playing the Text: Literacies across Media"

I am so in love with this gorgeous app! Aline Frederico, PhD Candidate specializing in story apps, Cambridge University

An exciting story app with strong narrative verve, and subtle and humorous interactions of art, text, and technology. Professor Judith Saltman, co-author of "Picturing Canada: A History of Canadian Childrens Illustrated Books and Publishing"

This innovative and insightfulretelling of an ancient tale invites children to playfully experience complex reading processes including imaging, questioning, inferencing, predicting and confirming. Dr Marlene Asselin, Associate professor of Language and Literacy Education


- rich, layered story about self-image and acceptance told through integral sounds, animations and interactions which will stimulate discussion and repay repeat visits

- narration by the great comic actor, author, and director Terry Jones

- testing showed that children start smiling and moving as soon as they hear the theme music by composer, Skip Peck

- classroom testing showed that The Kings Ears engaged children of all reading levels, including those with reading challenges

- child-controlled animation, sounds, and narration are interrelated with the words and pictures, creating a multimodal reading experience

- judicious use of hinting makes room for close examination, puzzling, and reflection, characteristic of how children read illustrated stories

- tap, swipe, pinch, and drag gestures

- practice hair-cutting on a cat, hair styling and accessorizing a pig, funny hairstyles for the king and the bird

- help Igor let go of a secret with exploding letters; drag them to spell words

- make a magic reed flute, and play and record tunes with it.

- egg-breaking game

- drag the bird to hop and fly through the story

- interactions about social interaction and expressing feelings will be helpful for children with autism spectrum disorders

- Embody and change the emotional states of characters through interactions

Age: A story to be enjoyed by age 5 to adult. Independent reading of text suited to grades 2 and up to play alone or in small groups. Perfect for shared or co-reading.

Rascal Media founder and play designer, Cynthia Nugent, is a children's book author/illustrator of award-winning books that children, parents, educators, and librarians love. Her research in picturebook scholarship, story apps, and early literacy for her MA in Childrens Literature guided the design of The Kings Ears.

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