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  • Skill Poker World Championship.
  • Last updated on June 30, 2019
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Developer's Description

Skill Poker World Championship.


Tennessee Hold Em Skill Poker WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP is GO!

The World's First Skill Poker Tournaments are HERE! Theres a revolutionary Strategic Poker game in town! Playing identical hands, on separate tables, 2 Humans battle 4 Outlaw Robots to prove who's the more skilful player. The RNG Dealer ensures both Humans and AI Baddies get identical hands...

* Whoever plays their cards better wins! Over a season of League Matches, Tennessee Hold Em Skill Poker will prove who the top Poker players REALLY are! Featuring Worlds first Skill Poker World Championship, you can Download and Join the Affiliate Program to compete NOW!

* Strategy is crucial in Tennessee Hold Em, drawing upon a variety of poker skills. Players face tough decisions on how to play their hands. This strategic element doesnt exist in Texas Hold 'Em or Omaha. If you know how to play Texas Hold Em, it will only take a few minutes to understand Tennessee Hold Em, though it takes a bit longer to master!

* You must Capture (Bankrupt) your Outlaw Opponents to collect their Bounty. Win Tournaments to collect Gold and Silver to top the Medals Leaderboard and to raise your World Ranking. Build your Bankroll to play at the Highest Level!

* Less Folding : On average, 75% of Players fold after seeing their Hole Cards in Texas Hold Em tournaments. In Tennessee Hold Em Tournaments, 75 % of players stay in until the 3rd Round of Betting. Higher participation means greater engagement.

* More Players make the Showdown : With higher average ranking hands than Texas Hold Em, you get more competitive Showdowns.

* Innovative Bluffing: Players with weak hands can deceive opponents with strong discarding or no discarding. Discards may reveal crucial information.

* More Strategic Thinking : If youre dealt 4 of a Kind in Omaha, you have to discard 2 cards! This is not a worry in Tennessee Hold Em, where players decide how many Hole cards to keep. Men Overboard is called and the dealer reveals all discards.

* Advanced Pro Game Variations : In a 5 Hole card Riverboat 223 Tournament, up to 16 discards are revealed. With every card turned, winning odds alter. Players must quickly analyse Men Overboard to determine their Opponents hand strength, and changing odds.

* Tournament Structure :

- Blinds double every 6th hand, ensuring progressive tournaments and exciting tournament finales.

- No Side Pots: Players who go all-in can complete that hand by buying enough chips to cover all bets and raises.

- Players who go into the red, and win the hand, live to fight on in that tournament.

Build Hands Strategically.

Bankrupt Opponents to

Win Bounty & Medals as you

Climb the World Leaderboards.

Top Winners Qualify for the

official Tennessee Hold Em

Skill Poker World Championships.

Win Hands & Medals to Unlock

Advanced Games & Skill Levels.

Win 7 Gold Medals for

$ 1,000,000 Chip Bonus!

All Game Variations have 4 Community Cards.

Youll Start with a 4 Hole Card Game:

In Tennessee Gambler 222:

Players get 2 Hole cards,

Next, 2 Community Cards

Then, 2 more Hole Cards.

After Betting, the Dealer Calls,

Men Overboard! and

Players may discard 1 Card.

Gain Insight into Opponents Hands,

When Discards are Revealed

In all Game Variations,

Players holding 3 Hole Cards may

Use all 4 Community Cards.

Players deciding to hold 4 Hole cards,

May NOT use the RIVER in their

Best 5 of 7 allowed cards.

Watch for the No River Symbol!

In Advanced 5 Hole Card Games,

Players may discard 1 or 2 cards.

Players who decide to hold 5 Hole cards,

May use Neither the TURN, Nor RIVER.

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