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  • Proteins ( Latin Sciurus ) are the genus of rodents of the squirrel family.
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Proteins ( Latin Sciurus ) are the genus of rodents of the squirrel family.

Proteins ( Latin Sciurus ) are the genus of rodents of the squirrel family. In addition to the genus Sciurus , a whole series of representatives of the squirrel family of genera red proteins palm proteins and many others are called proteins. As for the genus Sciurus itself it unites about 30 species distributed in Europe North and South America and the temperate zone of Asia.

Has an elongated body with a fluffy long tail ears are long color is dark brown with white belly sometimes gray (especially in winter). They are found everywhere except in Australia. The squirrel is a source of valuable fur.

One of the widely known distinctive features of many proteins is their ability to store nuts for the winter. Some kinds of protein dig in the ground others hide in tree hollows. Scientists believe that the bad memory of some species of protein in particular gray helps to preserve forests as they dig in the ground and forget about them and new trees appear from the germinating seeds.

They mainly eat vegetation rich in proteins carbohydrates and fats. The hardest time for protein is the early spring when the buried seeds begin to germinate and can no longer serve as food and the new ones have not yet ripened. During this period the proteins feed on the buds of trees in particular the silver maple. Despite the widely held view that proteins are herbivorous animals. They are in fact omnivorous in addition to nuts seeds fruits mushrooms and green vegetation they also eat insects Eggs and even small birds mammals and frogs. Very often this food replaces the nuts with proteins in tropical countries.

Proteins are considered smart animals in settlements they are able to feed from bird feeders dig out planted plants in search of seeds and settle in premises such as attics. On sale there are feeding troughs with protection from protein.

Sometimes proteins are considered pests because they can nibble on everything that can and can not be; Their teeth are always sharp and gradually grind off (the teeth of the rodents grow constantly). Homeowners in the territories with a large protein population should carefully close their cellars and attics as the squirrels can arrange their nests there or spoil something. Some tenants use more humane methods to scare off squirrels throwing in the attics and cellars the fur of domestic animals which gives the squirrels a feel for the presence of a predator in these places. Scarecrows are usually ignored by animals and the best way to protect a thing from spoilage is to smear it with something inedible like black pepper.

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