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  • Sleeping Disorders: The History...
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Sleeping Disorders: The History...

Sleeping Disorders: The History

When we hear about sleeping disorders we're commonly hearing about those who sleepwalk and can't sleep which is known as insomnia, but often we wonder why sleeping disorders are becoming a prominent issue in today's society. Right now according to the website Wikipedia there are a total of 14 different disorders ranging from eye twitching to restless legs. Some of these problems are treatable and even preventable when monitored by a doctor or specialized health professional. Sleeping disorders can be extremely dangerous when they go undiagnosed. Many people who are suffering from this disorder are facing a lot of life threatening problems because having a sleeping disorder can disrupt you from living your normal everyday life.

This can overtake someone if they're spending more time worrying about their condition than getting the correct amount of sleep. The problem with many people who are dealing with a sleeping disorder is that they're not aware of it being a problem until they see it's affecting their job and everyday life. Those who suffer from this can also develop clinical depression because they feel like they're not able to do any of the things they're used to doing if they've been diagnosed with a sleep disorder.

Individuals are given a test called the Polysomnogram which is used to determine and diagnose sleep disorders so specialists and doctors can plan a treatment designed for that individual person since not all treatments are the same. According to Wikipedia they list the common treatment options for sleeping disorders are: behavioral/psychotherapeutic, medications (Rozerem, Ambien, Ambien CR and Lunesta are common prescribed sleeping pills given for those diagnosed with a sleeping disorder), and other somatic treatments that are given. Sometimes people who have disorders such as narcolepsy usually have their brain activity measured to see where they are reaching peak points of sleeping so they can be treated since narcoleptics can't really work on jobs that require them to operate machinery or other things because they have to be alert and awake to know what they're doing.

In this audiobook you read about these topics:

01 - A Sleep Disorder That Affects the Legs - Restless Sleep Syndrome

02 - An Alternative Approach for Overcoming a Sleep Disorder

03 - Children With the Sleep Disorder of Sleepwalking

04 - Fatal Familial Insomnia

05 - How to Tell If You Have a Sleep Disorder

06 - Hypersomnia (oversleeping)

07 - Illnesses That Can Cause a Sleep Disorder

08 - Insomnia - The Most Prevalent Form of Sleep Disorder

09 - Insomnia in popular culture

10 - Insomnia

and much more!

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