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  • Post-fracture rehabilitation.
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Developer's Description

Post-fracture rehabilitation.

Most fractured (broken) bones will heal in usually six weeks. But that is only half of the problem.

Unfortunately, when you have enough stress placed through your body to fracture a bone there's usually a lot of other soft tissues and structures that have been damaged in the process. Add to that the common use of immobilization in plaster, you'll have joint stiffness and considerable muscle weakness.

Post-fracture rehabilitation is a complex and time-consuming journey. Needless to say, its pretty boring. But we are about to make some sweet lemonade out of these sour lemons! Why not making it an entertainment, not an exhausting challenge?

***Scientific background***

Due to a recent study by Marlene Bnstrup, we found that the greatest efficiency in the learning process is achieved in short periods of rest between periods of practice.

These findings significantly changed the way researchers traditionally think about the time it takes us to form a memory and learn new skillsthey show this can occur over a period of seconds, rather than hours or days. Learning a new motor skill typically consists of short periods of active practicephysically doing the taskinterspersed with short periods of rest.

Traditionally, the consolidation of a new skill has been thought to occur over a period of hours or days. Now we know that with the "practice and rest" attitude we're able to learn new motor skills on an unprecedentedly short time scale.

***How it works?***

This app is designed to restore and improve your motor skills & hand functions. Use your injured hand to perform the button press sequence showed on screen:

-Youll see combinations like 1-2-4-3-1

-Put each finger on the buttons, which correspond to numbers from 1 to 4, and press play button when ready

-For 10 seconds your task will be to press the buttons in a random sequence as fast as you can

-After each ten-second period of practice, you'll have ten seconds to rest

-When your training session is over, you can see your results and track progress in the statistics

You will notice that you're having a good time with this funny game, while your reaction and motor skills get better every time you play and, most importantly, rest.

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