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Rainbow Journal - Productivity for iOS

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Key Details of Rainbow Journal - Productivity

  • Do At Least Something Everyday.
  • Last updated on May 28, 2020

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Developer's Description

Do At Least Something Everyday.

The Rainbow Journal System is based on three simple and yet powerful principles:

-Divide & Conquer

-Non-Zero Days

-Habit Formation

How it works? Very simple!

Step 1: Plan Your Goal Levels

Let's say your daily goal is to write 400 words. Break it down into six levels:

RED - Write next to nothing (less than 100 words)

ORANGE - Write at least something (100+ words)

YELLOW - Midway through your goal (200+ words)

GREEN - Nearly meet your goal (300+ words)

BLUE - Meet your goal (400+ words)

PURPLE - Exceed your goal (500+ words)

Step 2: Track Your Progress

When a day is finished, mark the date with the color corresponds to your goal levels.

Avoid RED days as much as possible; when you reach the next level, try your best to keep it up!

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