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Radio Turkey 350+ Radio Stations for Android

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  • This Turkey Radio App with News, Sports and Music is totally free. All available live streams from Turkey in one single app...
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Developer's Description

This Turkey Radio App with News, Sports and Music is totally free. All available live streams from Turkey in one single app...

This Turkey Radio App with News, Sports and Music is totally free. All available live streams from Turkey in one single app!

Easy to use

High quality

Broadest selection

Top performance, security and functions

Turkey Online Radio:

choose from the top live streams with Music and News from Turkey Internet Radios

Song and Artist information

Fast access

Set favorites

Search for a station

Radios are sorted by genres

Radios are sorted by location

Set a sleep timer

Set a alarm

Add a live stream

Refresh Playlist to always see the latest updates

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Please note that not all stations are available 24/7! Some stations also do have a max. number of listeners and/or are located in regions that do not have a 100% reliable internet connection. If you see the error message "Connection could not be established" and this problem persists, please contact us.

For further information please use the FAQ Section inside the app (under Settings) or visit our homepage at http://swsisgmbh.com

Tunein to these Turkey Live Radios, included in this Turkey app:

Radio 70s Azeri (GLWiZ)

Radio Cafe Turc

Radio Eksen

Radio Japan-Fans

Radio Line

Radio Mevlana

Radio Mydonose 106.3 FM

Radio Naif


Radio Slow Time

Radio Voyage


radioTRance.net Trance Music Radio

Radyo 03 102.7 FM



Radyo 16 96.3 FM

Radyo 2000

Radyo 2000 90.6 FM

Radyo 2000 Erzincan 92.2 FM

Radyo 3 Hilal

Radyo 34

Radyo 45 lik

Radyo 7 104.7 FM

Radyo 80 94.8 FM

Radyo Afet

Radyo Ahiska FM

Radyo Akdeniz FM

Radyo Aktif 94 FM

Radyo Alaturka

Radyo Amed

Radyo Arabesk Mix

Radyo Arkent

Radyo Avrupa

Radyo Beyaz

Radyo Bora

Radyo Budems

Radyo C


Radyo Cinar

Radyo D

Radyo Damar FM


Radyo Denge

Radyo Denge Kurdi

Radyo Dert

Radyo Dinamix

Radyo Dost Fm

Radyo Dost Yiyana


Radyo Efes

Radyo Eksen 96.2 FM

Radyo Enerji 93.1 FM

Radyo Erkan 93.3 FM

Radyo Fenomen 100.4 FM

Radyo FG 93.7 FM

RADYO FM23 04242375002 ELAZi

Radyo Fresh FM


Radyo Gec Arabesl

Radyo Genc FM

Radyo Gercek

Radyo Groseri

Radyo Guney 99.2 FM

Radyo Gusto

Radyo Haber 61

Radyo Halikarnas

Radyo Han 90.1 FM

RaDYo HaYaL FM (DaMaRiN BaSKeNTi )

Radyo Hazar

Radyo Ihsan 101.3 FM

Radyo Islam


Radyo Kadirga

Radyo Karabali Turku Sevdasi

Radyo Kent

Radyo Kordelya 88.5 FM


Radyo Kulu Anadolu

Radyo Kulup 104 FM

Radyo Lojik

Radyo Lutuf Turk Hristiyan Radyosu

Radyo Major

Radyo Mayis 96.0 FM

Radyo Mega 105.4 FM

Radyo Megasite 101.1 FM

Radyo Mer 100.4 FM

Radyo Metropol 101.8 FM

Radyo Moda 102.5

Radyo Munzur Dersim 97.7 FM

Radyo Nefes

Radyo ODTU 103.1 FM

Radyo ODTU Easy

Radyo ODTU Rock

Radyo On 100.5 FM

Radyo Orhan Olmez

Radyo Ozden 99.4

Radyo Pegai

Radyo Piramit FM

Radyo Plus 97.6 FM

Radyo POP

Radyo Romantik Turk 103.4 FM

Radyo S FM 95.7

Radyo Sampiyon FM

Radyo Seymen

Radyo Siir Sanati

Radyo Sirin 95.7 FM

Radyo Sirinnar 101.0 FM

Radyo Trafik

Radyo Trend

Radyo Tunceli Baris

Radyo Turk 94.4 FM

Radyo Turkum

Radyo Ulku 106.5 FM

Radyo Umut

Radyo Venus FM 92.2

Radyo Viva

Radyo Voyage

Radyo Yadeller

Radyo Yagmur 99 FM

Radyo Yakamoz

Radyo Yansyma

Radyo Yildiz 91.8 FM


Radyom Arabesk




Rahmet FM 103.5

Remixland FM

Retro Turk

Ribat FM 94.8

Rock FM 94.5

Roket FM 88.3 FM


S4 Radio TR

Saad Alghamdi Turkish Translation Radio

TGRT 93.1 FM

Tosya Radyo Fm 88.5


TRD 1 Ekstra

TRD 2 Altin

and many more

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