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Organize Practice.

With how important practice is, it is evident that coaches want their practices to run efficiently. Organization is key and it's important that there is NO WASTED TIME in planning or executing practice.

The Problem: Papers, Alarms and I cant see or hear that thing

To keep practices on time, the use of watches was the method of many. The problem is: it's tough to coach and run a timer at the same time. Lately, programs have been using big clocks with buzzers that cost several thousand dollars and they still need to have a paper practice plan in hand. Timers need to be reprogrammed if anything changes and many coaches on a practice field cant see or hear the clock for transitions.

Even though most practice plans are created on computers, paper has been the conduit to bring the practice to life. With hundreds of practices a year and many coaches and you have a lot of wasted paper!

The Solution: Practice Timing (Created by Coaches for Coaches)

There is an easier, more convenient and affordable way. The answer: Practice Timing! What if your phone told you what was happening next in practice? In real time? Without anyone resetting a timer or alarm? Practice Timing is the answer to all of these problems! Practice Timing is all you need!

Practice Timing is a web app that has been created by coaches for coaches. Practice Timing allows coaches to design and create practices. Assistant coaches can login to the mobile app to view the practices, communicate with other coaches and view detailed information about each activity.

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