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  • Is there a pre-eminent time to commence potty training...
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Is there a pre-eminent time to commence potty training...

Is there a pre-eminent time to commence potty training?

Young children take time before they are ready to start using the potty. The process requires emotional and physical readiness. A majority of times the young children become emotionally and physically ready to start using the potty when they are about one and a half years to three years at most. When a parent begins potty training a very tender age before the baby is ready the process will be cumbersome and tedious for both the baby and the parent. Patience is one virtue that the parent needs abundance in during the potty training process.

The period between twenty-four months to thirty-six months is usually when a majority of parents attempt potty training.

Indicators that you should start training your child on how to use the potty

There are certain changes in the behavior of your baby that act as an indicator to the parent that is time to begin potty training.

When your baby starts looking for a private place away from prying eyes in order for them to poop or pee.

When the baby naps and wakes up with the diaper still dry, it might be time to consider potty training.

When the baby is irritated and uncomfortable when the diaper becomes wet or dirty and they try removing it. They are most definitely ready to start using the potty.

When the baby is intrigued by what the others do in the toilet and keeps following them there in order to find out.

How to get ready for potty training

The idea of using a potty to relieve themselves will be strange to the child and the parent needs to conduct the training in a gentle manner. It is essential to familiarize the baby with what potty training entails and use smart techniques to lure them into doing what you want. For the male babies you might consider kicking off with training in a sitting position and when this can be done with minimal or no accidents you can train them how to use it in a standing position.

As you change their diaper or nappy talk to them so that they have an idea of what to pee or to poop is. For individuals who change the diapers in the bathroom, the baby becomes accustomed to this place as the ideal place to take care of such matters. For such babies, the potty can be left in the bathroom. It is, however, advisable to position the potty in the childs sight. You want the child to learn that the potty is a part of their day in day out life and they should become comfortable with the idea.

Techniques to help in potty training

The parent should demonstrate to the child how to use the potty by either the use of toys or they can imitate using the toilet in order for the child to see how it works. The parent can also let the child rest on the potty in between the process of changing the diaper and at night before the child gets into bed.

This application covers everything you need to know to continue your potty success after your long weekend from trips to the mall to visit your relatives. This application will teach you everything you need to know to get ready for the great potty training adventure. From choosing the right tools and strategies all the way through dealing with bedwetting and multiple children

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