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Watch video, if you haven't yet...

Watch video, if you haven't yet!

No man ever walks the forsaken lands of Scorched Mountains... but does it mean nobody's there?

Krog'tar Grimsnarl, the Warlord of Red Iron Clan has ordered his orcs to build the Outpost right there, amongst the pools of lava and dark smoking fissures...

Soon... the rest of the horde will join them under his command and he will lead the legion of Chaos Invasion to victory!

Soon... their almighty warriors will breach the borders of Western Kingdoms, bringing death and destruction upon joined armies of humans, dwarves and elves!

Soon... but now they must prepare... they must guard the Outpost... they must sharpen their weapons... they must wait for supplies...

The war is never about rush...

# Free features (no ads!)

- Touch Warlord's head or chest and he will talk to you

- Touch Northern Outpost Tower to signal incoming enemies (epic music will play with battle horns)

- Several animations of Warlord

- Burning torch

- Foreground heat effect with smoke and sparks

Orc Warlord hates ads, just like you do!

But war business, supplies and stuff like that, needs funding.

So spare a little gold to support great deeds!

Will you help the Warlord of your Clan to collect his gear for the final battle? No doubt, he can lead his horde legion to victory with bare hands, for their strength is not in question! But what about the effect? Sure, the art of war does not say anything about how shiny the axe must be, how many magic spells must be weaved in the armor of a warrior... But imagine the final battle, a duel against the noble Lord of Western Kingdoms. How much respect would he have for a half-naked orc with a wooden club? He will die without knowing that he faced the Warlord! The fact that he will die is not a thing to doubt, of course...

So gear your Warlord up!

# Premium features (in-app purchase)

- Clan Armor

- Dreadful Head Splitter Axe

- Scrap Metal Armor

- Great Fiery Warhammer Of Dragon Breath

- Weapon raise animation on touch

- Small parallax effect

- Fire that follows your finger tip

This is not a static fantasy picture you often see. Its real interactive live wallpaper at its best!

Great for those who like CG fantasy art, game concept art, the worlds of might and magic, dragon or Tolkien sagas, sci-fi or even comics.

This is a personal project I've been working on in my free time for many months.

Not only did I write the code but also made the picture art, music and sounds myself! :D

If you think this LWP is fun and want me to do more good LWP like this please rate this live wallpaper!

Or even better - buy premium version with new great features!

This will keep me motivated :) Maybe one day I'll make wallpaper with a dragon, or an elf girl, or undead legion ;)


Feel free to send me bug reports or suggestions how to improve this LWP


http://anvilgard.blogspot.com (home page)






Download it now and set as your home screen interactive picture!

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