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  • Thank heavens you have arrived. We have a real mystery on our hands.
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Thank heavens you have arrived. We have a real mystery on our hands.

Thank heavens you have arrived! We have a real mystery on our hands. This case has gone public, and we are getting pressure from the mayor's office to wrap this quick. We just have one problem - we do not know who did it, where it happened, or even the weapon involved! The mayors office just put out an award for whoever can break this case, and you know solving this could do a lot for that promotion you have been waiting on. But you better get started fast! This is the top priority for this department, and even our men in blue have been recruited to work this case. There wont be any time to waste!


Once Upon a Crime is multi-player, location based, who-did-it mystery for the mobile phone and tablet devices.

Our players are presented with a list of unique suspects, weapons, and crime scenes. While our suspects and weapons are fictional, the crime scenes presented in game are real world locations within the games defined region. The player must travel to these locations, and make an accusation against a suspect and declare the weapon that was used in the crime. The player is only allowed to make one accusation per location per day.

If the player guesses wrong, a suspect, weapon, or location is eliminated for them automatically. For example, they may be told that "Detective - forensics just tested the Ax and ruled it out.", or Sorry Detective, it turns our Mrs. Smith has a solid alibi. These eliminated suspects, weapons, and locations are tracked in-game, and allows the player to determine the true criminals identity through a process of elimination.

The first player to guess the correct combination of suspect, victim, weapon, and location wins the game, along with all points that may be awarded as part of that game. As the player builds their points, they can be redeemed them for real awards.


With over 85,000 locations worldwide, Once Upon a Crime likely has a public game near you. Public games are played by multiple users in a geographic area, and may even offer real rewards to the person who solves the crime. Vendors such as restaurants, retail shops, hotels, and other entertainment venues can sponsor their location within a public game as a crime scene to offer discounts and promotions to the players of that game. By being part of a Once Upon a Crime game, players are encourages to visit crime scenes, allowing small businesses to promote their brand and service offerings.


Once Upon a Crime allows users to freely create their own games to share with friends, colleagues, and enemies (if you like). Turn your friends into the suspects. Define your own crime scenes. Create your own weapons. The story is yours to create. Great for parties, work functions, or any event.


Meet others who are playing the game in your area. Chat, send private messages, share photos and more. Make new friends!

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