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Ninja Ranger Shinobi Arashi superhero's gaiden for Android

Key Details of Ninja Ranger Shinobi Arashi superhero's gaiden

  • Ninja Ranger uses a realistic pixel style, bringing you back to the NES, 8-bit, 16-bit pixel game era; the game is also using the classic 2D...
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Developer's Description

Ninja Ranger uses a realistic pixel style, bringing you back to the NES, 8-bit, 16-bit pixel game era; the game is also using the classic 2D...

Ninja Ranger uses a realistic pixel style, bringing you back to the NES, 8-bit, 16-bit pixel game era; the game is also using the classic 2D platform action gameplay, this is an retro action game with a refreshing impact. it tells the story of a legendary shadow ninja--Ray, the shadow ninja punishes evil and save the world. In the game you will play a ninja superhero and fight against evil enemies. If you are an action game player, please see the detailed description below.

1 Gameplay: Classic 2D platform action game, the super ninja hero can walk, jump, climb and attack the enemy on various terrain platforms; the shadow ninja is not only an assassin, but also a kung fu master.

2 Weapon system: Includes main weapons, such as samurai sword, chain sickle, hook claw, and ninjutsu sub-weapons, such as shuriken, wind blade, fire blade, amulet fire;

3 Level system: The game provides 7 levels, each level has different terrain features, enemies, and finally the difficult Boss; There are battle scenes such as city, factory, desert, jungle, castle, alien brood, warship. There are more than 50 types of miscellaneous soldiers, such as zombie, alien, soldier, ninja, monster, robot, warrior. Each level has a shocked Boss battle.

4 Upgrade system: In addition to collecting and unlocking the main weapon and the ninjutsu sub-weapon, the game also has an upgrade scroll in the level to upgrade the shadow ninja's blood and energy slot;

5 Ninja Evaluation system: Each level challenge will give different levels of ninja evaluation according to the passing time, number of killings, number of injuries etc. Divided into three levels of master ninja, mid ninja and lesser ninja. The Ninja evaluation corresponds to different gold coin rewards;

6 Storyline: The beginning and the end of the game provide a retro 2D scroll story CG, display in a retro 8-bit, 16-bit pixel style, please enjoy it.

7 Weapon Store: All weapons and ninjutsu can be acquired by spending gold coins in the weapons store. In the course of battle, you can suspend the game at any time, and switch weapons and ninjutsu in the weapon store.

8 Art style: The game use retro realistic pixel style, each role is draw by pixels, this is the unique style of independent games.

Ninja Ranger is a challenging action game. If you are an 2D platform action game enthusiast and want all the levels to be master ninja, I suggest you understand the characteristics of each main weapon and sub-weapon in the game. The following is a detailed introduction:

1 Samurai sword: The weapon that comes with the game at the beginning, Samurai sword's attack frequency and attack range are relatively balanced, suitable for any battle scene;

2 Chain sickle: Need to unlock with gold coins, low attack frequency but long attack range, very suitable for battle scenes that need to maintain distance;

3 Hook claw: The attack frequency is super high, the attack range is short, the advantages and disadvantages are obvious, it is a weapon to spike the Boss;

4 Shuriken: The ninjutsu that comes with the game at the beginning, throwing a shurikento forward;

5 Boomerang: Need a small amount of gold coins to unlock, throw a shuriken forward and it will return back, can attack enemies at a certain distance from the front and rear;

6 Wind Blade: Throw one blade in the up and down direction, attack the enemy from the up and down direction;

7 Fire blade up: Throwing five scattered flames in the direction of the oblique upper, attacking enemies in a wide range;

8 Fire blade down: Similar to the Fire blade up, the different is oblique below direction;

9 Amulet fire: It takes a lot of gold coins to unlock. It is the ultimate ninjutsu. The fires can attack the enemy and the ninja will be invincible.

Come on, pick up the samurai sword and start your ninja trial. When you master every weapon and ninjutsu, you will become a real master ninja! When you are proficient in this action game, you will play it as a parkour killing game!

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