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Anyone looking for a house in Canada can rejoice now that Zillow has officially entered the Canadian housing market. Yesterday, Zillow announced that the 100 million non-US visitors they get to its website and app each year, most of whom are Canadian, will now be able to search through nearly 10,000 available homes across Canada.

In addition to the 10,000 homes immediately available, 50,000 more will be added to the site's listing over the coming weeks and months. Zillow has spent months currying favor with major Canadian real estate firms, signing deals with dozens of brokerages ahead of the announcement.

"It's an exciting time at Zillow and we're thrilled to start expanding our listings coverage outside the U.S. and provide the millions of home shoppers who use Zillow every day an easy way to see Canadian homes for sale," said Errol Samuelson, Zillow's chief industry development officer.

"Zillow provides unprecedented global exposure for Canadian listings on a reliable and trusted platform home shoppers love. We're excited about the momentum we're making in Canada, and with every new Canadian partnership we build, the home shopping experience on Zillow will only get better."

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Like the listings in the US, Zillow will show how much a home costs and include descriptions as well as photos and facts about the house. Listing agent information and a link to the brokerage will also be available so that users can quickly contact the person in charge of the property.

Samuelson, who is currently in Toronto attending a real estate event, told real estate website Inman that as someone born in Canada, "it was a dream of mine to use all the software and tools that we were building at Zillow [make it possible] to search for Canadian properties."

"In many senses, this is a continuation of our existing strategy. It's notable in that it's the first time we have put non-U.S. listings on the site," he told the news outlet.

"We're having some great discussions, and I would expect we will continue to make announcements of additional brokerages and others that are adding their listings to the site."

Started in 2006, Zillow has dominated the online real estate market in the US, with many saying their Zillow Estimate, or Zestimate has democratized real estate information that previously was only available to brokers.

ZDNet said Zillow's parent company, Zillow Group, runs several real estate marketplaces that together generate about $1 billion in revenue while reportedly controlling about 75 percent of online real estate audience market share.

Their stock price took a dip in June when they announced that they would now try to not only buy and sell homes but also offer mortgages after purchasing Mortgage Lenders of America. Their founder and CEO, Spencer Rascoff, likened the move to Netflix deciding to create original content, telling Yahoo Finance that Wall Street was similarly wary of the move, which ended up paying off handsomely for the digital streaming service.

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  1. Zillow will now be available to those searching for houses in Canada, their first foray internationally.
  2. About 10,000 Canadian homes will be available on the website and app immediately, with 50,000 slated to be released on the site in the coming weeks.

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