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YouTube (download for iOS or Android) is rolling out a new feature for Android voice search. The app will prompt you once the feature is available on your device.

When you start a new search by tapping the magnifying glass in the upper right corner, YouTube will let you know that there are "new ways to search with your voice."

Tap the microphone icon to start a voice search.

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The "show me" command works for multiple sections of the app. You can ask YouTube to show you trending videos, your subscriptions, watch history and other parts of the app.

There are parts that won't work with the voice search, according to 9to5 Google, like asking to see your time watched.

YouTube's voice search still works to look up specific artists or videos.

Adding more powerful voice command features is valuable in terms of accessibility, as well. Users with certain disabilities can now enjoy more aspects of YouTube's app.

In addition, the new voice search could help people who might be listening to YouTube while driving. Being able to access more parts of the app could cut down on how much a driver might be distracted.

It remains to be seen whether we can expect to see the new voice search on YouTube Music (download for iOS or Android) or the other YouTube apps.

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  1. YouTube's Android app is rolling out a new way for users to search with voice.
  2. With voice command, users can take advantage of a more powerful search that goes beyond videos, but takes you to different tabs in the app itself.

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