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Instead of just giving a "thumbs down" on a song you don't like, Spotify (download for iOS or Android) is working on a feature that will allow you to block an artist.

The "don't play this artist" mute feature will appear in an upcoming update to Spotify's iOS app, Thurrott first reported.

Muting an artist will block their music on your personal library, playlists, Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes and more. You won't be able to manually play music from the artist without unblocking them. Artists can't be blocked from tracks they're featured on yet.

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The mute feature on iOS can be accessed from the menu on the artist's page. It's possible, if the feature launches for Android, that "do not play artist" will be in the same place.

Spotify executives originally said they didn't want to add a blocking feature in 2017, but reversed that decision since.

The fallout from the Surviving R. Kelly documentary and the subsequent #MuteRKelly protest could also be a source of pressure on the music streaming platform. The documentary, which detailed 25 years of sexual abuse and violence by the singer, resulted in RCA Records dropping him.

Recently, Lady Gaga apologized for working with R. Kelly and said she planned to remove their 2013 single "Do What U Want (With My Body)" from streaming services.

Last May, Spotify announced the Hate Content and Hateful Conduct Public Policy. In addition to cracking down on music that promoted hatred or violence based on personal characteristics, Spotify also removed artists who "demonstrated hateful conduct personally."

R. Kelly's music was removed from lists like Discover Weekly or other Spotify-owned playlists but remained on the service.

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  1. Spotify's new mute feature will block an artist you don't want to hear. It will appear in the latest version of Spotify's iOS app.
  2. Muting an artist will block their music from them on your personal library, playlists, Discover Weekly, Daily Mixes and more.

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