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Blaring smartphone alarms don't make waking up a pleasant experience. Using a song to wake up to can make you really hate that song.

Yahoo has another option. With WakingNews, the company's new app, you can wake up to audio briefings from your favorite news sources.

WakingNews supports a variety of brands like Huffington Post, Yahoo News or other in-house sources, Engadget, and more.

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The app's display screen that mimics your phone's home screen by showing the current weather and day's forecast, the news playing, and snooze and dismiss options for your alarm.

Setting up your alarm in WakingNews works the same as setting a regular alarm or reminder. Choose the time, and select the news source you want to headlines from. You can set the alarm as a reminder or to repeat throughout the week.

When your alarm goes off, you can switch between news sources with a similar display to music streaming apps.

Yahoo released a few apps this past year for finance, news, and a group chat tool to try to keep itself relevant.

Though WakingNews probably won't put Yahoo back on the map, it could give users another wake-up option for the morning.

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  1. Yahoo is testing audio briefing alarms the WakingNews app for Android users.
  2. WakingNews lets users set alarms in the app, hear the latest headlines from news sources, and keep up with the day's forecast.

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