Yahoo is trying its best to return to centerstage after shutting down the once-popular Yahoo Messenger in July and redirecting users to a new free service called Yahoo Squirrel. The unstead Internet giant has officially released Yahoo Together, a new app designed to take your favorite features from platforms like Slack and integrate them into communication with friends and family.

The app is available for free for iOS and Android, and Yahoo said it hopes to center the service on topics of discussion.

"Squirrel is now Yahoo Together and is open to all, no invite codes needed! Based on feedback from our early adopters (shout out to you all for helping us shape the product), we've updated the design to make it easier to use and more useful for you," Yahoo said in a release.

"We've also added some new features, like smart reminders, so now you can tap any message to set a scheduled automatic reminder for the group. Get your family, team, cause or crew together."

The app has all of the usual components of the usual messaging services, allowing users to share photos, videos and gifs, create private channels and mute others if needed.

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The platform allows users to search through chats and set helpful reminders among dozens of small features that make it easy to communicate with loved ones. Yahoo announced the end of Messenger in June, saying the company needed to focus "on building and introducing new, exciting communications tools that better fit consumer needs."

Users complained that Yahoo Squirrel was invite only, giving any other users an error message when the downloaded the app through the Play Store. In its announcement for Yahoo Together, Yahoo said beta testers for Yahoo Squirrel had given them a ton of good notes and advice on how to improve the service. One of the biggest improvements is the addition of an alarm that users can set for certain events.

Yahoo has had a string of bad news, including last year, when it revealed that all of the accounts on the site -- numbering beyond three billion -- had been hacked into in 2013. After being bought by Verizon last year, it was forced to make the announcement about the breach and has been shedding users since.

Verizon has merged Yahoo with AOL under the banner of Oath, a new company hoping to leverage the brand recognition and subscriber base of all three companies to take back a market now dominated heavily by Google and Facebook.

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  1. Yahoo Messenger is relaunching as Yahoo Together, hoping to combine the organization of Slack with conversations had amongst family or friends.
  2. The platform was originally known as Yahoo Squirrel when it was launched earlier this year after Yahoo Messenger was officially shut down.

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