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Yahoo's new all-inclusive Android app hopes to win back some fans lost to Google, which continues to cast a shadow over competition. The Yahoo app is a condensed version of the company's other products -- Mail, Search, Newsroom, Weather, and Finance -- and creates a personalized information hub for the user.

Bearing a likeness to the Google app, the new Yahoo app provides a quick weather summary and a few news stories Yahoo selects based on user interest.

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After news, users can check Yahoo Mail. If location is turned on, users can cash in on coupons for local restaurants and stores. And speaking of cash, the finance sections is under the coupons.

In finance, users can see the most up-to-date information about the market, popular stocks, and get updates on their personal portfolio.

The app has customized sports news for tracking scores real-time and game schedules. Yahoo also features a horoscope section that users can personalize according to their star sign.

Yahoo is a little late to catch on to the trend of concentrating individual apps in one place. Keeping apps separate might have its merits though. For example, if you're just a sports fanatic, having a Yahoo app solely dedicated to sports might be right up your alley.

But, it would seem like having one app that does it all would be more conducive than having four (and possibly more economic for your phone storage).

The app probably won't restore Yahoo to its former glory of ruling the internet before Facebook, Google, and other social media. But following all its missteps over the years, there are still Yahoo faithfuls out there who will be glad to have the new app.

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  1. Yahoo released an all-purpose app for Android keeping news, sports, finance, and more in one spot.
  2. The release shows Yahoo is still trying to compete with Google despite the company's bad luck the last 20 years.

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