Yahoo Messenger 10 beta is no more. At least not the "beta" part. This week, Yahoo gave the version 10 beta its stamp of approval, pulling away the "beta" marker and replacing Yahoo Messenger 9 with Yahoo Messenger 10 on Yahoo's download page.

For those using version 9 or below, Yahoo Messenger 10 adds a slew of design enhancements that draw out the chat app's social-networking side and video calls. If you're already using Yahoo Messenger 10 beta, you should be prompted to download a fresh version of Yahoo Messenger 10, but you won't see new goodies pop up since the beta was first introduced last August.

Check out screenshots of the Yahoo Messenger 10 features in this gallery before you download--the images are for the 10 beta, but they still apply. Pay close attention to our installation advice before you download; choose "Custom," not the default, if you'd rather avoid all of Yahoo's installation "perks," like the Yahoo Toolbar.

If you're not ready to make the jump, there's no hurry yet. Yahoo will currently continue to support Yahoo Messenger 9.

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