Travelers don't always get to do their homework about restaurants and nightlife before they leave, and you don't want to be stuck relying on the advice of someone who winds up sharing different tastes than you.

WorldMate Live restaurant search on BlackBerry

That's the theory, anyway, behind WorldMate's latest update to its travel app for BlackBerry. WorldMate 3.0 for BlackBerry now features a local dining and entertainment search option powered by Utilizing the phone's GPS, WorldMate, via Yelp, can suggest establishments nearby or near airports. Clicking to see more details takes you to Yelp's mobile site; we wish it were better incorporated within the app experience. Right now the supported countries are also quite limited; it will work for cities within the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

The updated version also equips WorldMate Live's calendar sync service to keep time zones in mind when populating your schedule. The hotel booking engine acquires thumbnail images and special offers, and can manage train reservations from Amtrak, EuroStar, and TheTrainLine. Version 3 also switches to BlackBerry's movable map instead of presenting a static map.

With this mostly minimal tweak, WorldMate Live continues to offer freemium services for domestic and international travelers, particularly frequent corporate professionals.

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