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This week, Apptopia released its list of the most-downloaded apps of 2018 in music, gaming, dating, travel, and more, first reported by Forbes. The apps that landed the top spots may not surprise you.

"Across the board in shopping, food and drink, music, dating, social, entertainment, and games, it's clear that the modern mobile consumer wants what she wants instantly, delivered when and where convenient," Gadi Eliashiv, CEO of marketing intelligence startup Singular, told Forbes.

The top apps are as follows:

1. WhatsApp (779 million downloads)

The private messaging platform WhatsApp (download for iOS or Android) rose to the top of the list as 2018's most downloaded app. More than 1.5 billion users turn to WhatsApp to call, video chat, and send free messages, photos, and voice notes. The messenger service still maintains its popularity despite being owned by Facebook (download for iOS or Android).

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2. Helix Jump (334 million downloads)

Despite being less than a year old, Helix Jump (download for iOS or Android) has become an immensely popular smartphone game, in which users must navigate a bouncing ball down a helix tower. The longer you go, the more points you get. But don't bounce the ball on the color strips, or you'll lose. Simple, yet addictive.

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3. Netflix (209 million downloads)

Netflix (download for iOS or Android) is closing out 2018 with almost 140 million subscribers worldwide. In addition to a wide range of new releases and old classics, the streaming service produces content exclusive to the platform. In fact, 20 percent of Netflix views go to original programming. Netflix's list of most popular shows of 2018 was comprised mostly of originals like "The Haunting of Hill House," "On My Block," and others.

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4. Spotify (206 million downloads)

Spotify (download for iOS or Android) rose in the ranks for most downloaded music and audio apps. The app has kept subscribers supplied with a steady stream of redesigns and updates for this year. Most recently, Spotify was testing letting users upload their own music to the app, new podcast navigation, and more.

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5. Wish (197 million downloads)

Shopping app Wish (download for iOS or Android) attributes its success to solely focusing on price. Not only did this business model earn the app the title of no. 1 shopping app in the US, Wish is also the no. 1 shopping app in 42 different countries. The little-app-that-could was downloaded even more than that for e-commerce giant Amazon.

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6. Uber (171 million downloads)

Even though the company had a bumpy year, from allegations of unsafe passenger conditions to restrictions in New York City, Uber (download for iOS or Android) still topped the list of best travel apps. The company worked to restore its reputation by ditching its old logo, revamping its mission statement, and instituting customer safety initiatives.

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7. Uber Eats (71 million downloads)

Not only was Uber named the top travel app for 2018, its food delivery service, Uber Eats (download for iOS or Android) beat out the competition for best food and drink app. In the app, users can browse restaurants or specific dishes to find exactly what they're craving, and a driver will deliver it to them. You can pay in the app, and track your delivery.

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8. Tinder (74 million downloads)

Though it seemed like people were searching for any dating app besides Tinder (download for iOS or Android), the matchmaker app still snagged the title of most downloaded dating app in 2018. The app most recently tried to streamline its match process by introducing Swipe Surges and bringing back Swipe the Vote to encourage Midterm election participation.

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