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When Google purchased the Waze navigation app back in 2013, most people expected it to fold the Israel-based startup into its pre-existing Google Maps service. But so far, Waze has appeared to be free to pursue its own vision, which lately has included putting a music player inside the app for easier media control when you're driving.

Today, Android Police spotted an update to Waze's in-app player that adds support for the Android version of Deezer (download for iOS or Android). Since Waze began adding these services to its app, iOS and Android haven't had the same parity of support, with Deezer being the biggest difference.

The iOS version of this streaming service has had support within the Waze app for several months, so the key change now is the addition of support for the Android version of Deezer.

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Like Spotify (download for iOS or Android) and Apple Music, Deezer offers about 50 million tracks for on-demand streaming, and subscribers can download them for offline listening. In the US, you can sign up for the usual $9.99 a month with a free 30-day trial, or opt for a $14.99 per month family plan. Or you can try Deezer Free, which is ad-supported, mobile-only, and doesn't allow offline listening.

In the official announcement, Deezer also advertises a kind of dynamic playlist called "Flow," which it describes as "a never-ending personal soundtrack that uses smart data and algorithm to play a unique mix of personal favourites and recommended new discoveries."

The music streaming service also says that the new Android support in Waze can sync your recently played tracks from any Android device where you use the Deezer mobile app.

To enable Deezer support within Waze, the Deezer app must be downloaded, installed and signed into, if you haven't gone through that process already. Once you've done that, just open the Waze app, tap the Music button in the upper right, and select Deezer. You may be asked to log into your Deezer account from within the Waze app.

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The other audio streaming services supported by Waze's built-in music player are:

Like Deezer, you need to download, install and log into these apps on the device where you use Waze, if you want to use its built-in player.

Of course, if you're using an Android phone, then the Google Assistant (download for iOS or Android) is pretty reliable when it comes to using voice commands to navigate your music apps and their playlists while driving. But in some cases, this can switch your phone's screen to your music app when you may want to be looking or interacting with Waze's map instead. So the more streaming integration Waze can have, the less this undesirable switch can occur.


  • The Waze mobile navigation service has added support for the Android version of Deezer to its built-in audio player. Support for the iOS version of Deezer was added a few months ago.
  • With built-in audio streaming support within the Waze app, you can control your music and podcasts while keeping your maps in the foreground on your phone's screen.

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