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As unfortunate as it is, packages aren't always safe on your porch. A sudden rain could drench your delivery or worse, someone could snatch it.

About one in five US homeowners experienced package theft in the last year according to a home security report from Fluent Research and Ring. Though package theft occurs throughout the year, it spikes around the holiday season.

Miami, Florida resident and app developer Laura Borland created the Vyllage app (iOS, Android) to combat the problem. Vyllage is a network of pre-screened homeowners that allow their address to be used as a shipping address for their neighbors.

To become a Vyllager and receive deliveries for people, you can tap the option in the app or on the website. Vyllage will tell you a background is required and it costs $14.95. Yearly recertification costs $4.95.

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How to get a package taken care of

After you create an account in the Vyllage app, you'll estimate the size of the package you've ordered. Small packages are $4, medium packages are $5, and large packages are $6. The app is modeled after Uber or Lyft, meaning the person you ask to sign for your delivery gets paid. Vyllage gets 99 cents per package.

Next, you'll select the carrier like UPS, FedEx, USPS, or others. A map comes up so you can find the Vyllage option nearest to you. Pick the address you want and then pay in the app.

When your delivery arrives, you'll receive a photo in a text that proves delivery. After that, there's a two-day window to pick it up.

Borland told Florida's News 10 that she hopes the app will give people peace of mind while facilitating relationships.

"While their neighbors are walking their dog in the evening, they just stop by their neighbors' and knock, they pick up their package, and somehow, dialogue takes place, community is fostered," she said.

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  1. App developer Laura Borland created the Vyllage app to combat package theft, give customers peace of mind during the holidays, and foster relationships among neighbors.
  2. A pre-screened owner can accept your delivery for $4 to $6. After the package is delivered, you'll get a photo in a text confirming the delivery.

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