Fire pies at your least favorite politicians in Political Invaders. (Credit: SB-Software)

It's Super Tuesday, the day when 24 states hold primaries to choose their party's candidate for president. Voted by mail weeks ago? Just want all the ads and sloganeering to be over? Get so frustrated you just want to shoot them all?

Now you can, with the Space Invaders spoof called Political Invaders, where you fire pies from your ship to destroy advancing politician headshots.

The freeware game starts off with an introduction screen designed to look like an Atari 2600 game cartridge, although it doesn't translate as well as the sounds do. Still, the game is loaded with options. You can choose from a classic Invaders style game, with rows of politician headshots advancing on your spaceship, or a newer style, where the enemy politicians, I mean ships, fly across the screen in looping patterns based on the "When Icons Attack" engine.

You can also choose from having the enemy be represented by Democrats, Republicans, or World Leaders, for you isolationists out there. The game controls, though, are quite customizable. Gameplay supports keyboard, mouse, or joystick input, and you can alter the keyboard keys at will.

Political Invaders features a newer style of gameplay, and the traditional accelerating rows of attackers. (Credit: SB-Software)

Power-ups include resistance to attacks, firing two or three pies at once, extra ships, shields, and extra pie launchers. There are also built-in cheat codes, for those of you who want some nostalgic gaming that dovetails nicely with politics.

This is a fun game, although users must have at least Windows XP and Microsoft Direct X 9.0 or higher and the windowed mode doesn't like mouse movements that take the cursor out of the game. It's best played in full-screen mode.

Enemy pictures include Billary, Michael Moore, Monica Lewinsky, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Al Gore, Howard Dean, Jane Fonda, and others for the Democrats. The Republican list offers Dubya, Dick Cheney, Bill O'Reilly, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ann Coulter, Condi Rice, John McCain, and more. Recent adds support the 2008 election season, so you get Tom Tancredo, Mitt Romney, John Edwards, and others including Mr. Sept. 11 himself, Rudy Guiliani.

Sadly, the game lacks the gold standard: there's no Ron Paul.