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Across the board, companies are updating their software to take advantage of the recent release of the latest iPad Pro and the newest generation of the Apple Pencil. The new Apple Pencil 2 is a vast improvement on its predecessors, and popular drawing app Paper has optimized its features to work with all of the device's new capabilities.

The Apple Pencil 2, which costs $129 and only works with the latest iPad model, is used for a variety of purposes but mostly for drawing and other creative work. Paper is one of the most popular sketching apps on the market, and with the latest update the app "implements the new double tap gesture for Apple Pencil 2."

Using the Apple Pencil 2 and the Paper update, users can write, draw, take notes, and much more on iPads. The update allows users to change the settings and make the Pencil's double-tap feature work however you'd like.

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Paper said users can make the latest Pencil's double tap feature control three things: switch to the eraser, switch to the last used tool, and show a color palette.

Other apps, like OmniGraffle 3, have added the double-tap function to their platforms but give users a wider variety of actions they can ascribe to the double tap. Paper stuck to the basics, but also made other updates that help the app take advantage of the latest iPad Pro sizes.

Paper has been downloaded in the App Store 25 million times and said the Apple Pencil 2 lets users "draw, cut, and move without switching modes. Drag to easily rearrange pages, group notes with sketches, annotate photos, even "undo" with a gesture and stay in the flow."

"Sketch, draw, diagram, color, write notes: No matter what the inspiration, you can get it down on Paper. Capture your ideas in beautiful, 3D Journals that keep you focused and in your creative flow. Fast, gesture-based navigation makes it easy and natural to use Paper," they added.

The first iPad Pros rolled out to users last week and reviews are slowly creeping in, with many praising the Apple Pencil 2 for its improved design and easy charging mechanism.

"Apple revamped the Apple Pencil for the new iPad Pro. The new $129 Pencil looks slightly different than the first generation model, thanks to its matte white finish and a flat edge that breaks up the otherwise round housing," ZDNet reviewer Jason Cipriani wrote yesterday.

"The upgrades to the Apple Pencil are something users will find worthwhile, especially when upgrading to the new iPad Pro."

There is a free and premium version of Paper in the App Store.

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  1. Paper has updated its app to bring the latest functions of the Apple Pencil 2 to its users.
  2. Most importantly, users can customize the Pencil's double tap tool to perform a variety of actions while using the app.

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