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After a successful testing period in the United States, Uber is adding it's Safety Toolkit features to its app in India. Passengers now have access to a Safety Centre, one-touch Call 100, and the Emergency Button.

"At Uber, safety is a top priority and we look towards harnessing technology to solve for rider and driver safety concerns in more innovative ways. The roll-out of Safety Toolkit to millions of riders across India is an extension of this commitment to the community that we serve," said Uber's Project Management director Sachin Kansal.

The Safety Centre is accessible through any screen in the Uber app. Instead of just taking the company at its word, users can see what is actually being done to keep trips safe. Uber shares tips from law enforcement, their screening process for drivers, insurance protection, and more. Think of it as an information command central.

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The toolkit has also added a Trusted Contacts option. Passengers can share their trip progress with up to five people from their phone's contact list.

"The trusted contacts will be able to see the pick up spot, the destination, as well as the driver details," Kansal said.

Of course, passengers have the option to modify settings for privacy. Sharing can be limited to all trips, trips at night, or no trips.

The emergency button, the Call 100 option, has always been available on India's Uber app. The Safety Toolkit houses a new location for the one-touch option, making it faster for passengers to reach out to police in an emergency.

Police are alerted to the passenger's location by the nearness of mobile towers. The Uber 24/7 support line is also available. Kansal said Uber isn't a substitute for the police and doesn't want to interfere with law enforcement, but will help getting information to authorities if they're contacted.

Uber continues to track every ride via GPS and Kansal said they're working on getting the new safety features accessible in all of India's cities.

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  1. Uber's Safety Toolkit features are live in India offering more ways for passengers to stay safe while using ride-hailing services.
  2. The toolkit employs a Safety Centre, Trusted Contacts, and easier to access emergency button.

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