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Twitter (iOS, Android) announced yesterday that it's adding new notices to let you know when a Tweet you've reported has been removed.

"One piece of feedback we've heard regularly is that it's not always clear to people when we took enforcement action or if someone deleted a Tweet on their own. Starting today, we're adding new notices to make it easier to see when we've taken enforcement action on a Tweet," Twitter said in a blog post.

Now after you report a tweet you'll see a notice stating that the tweet is unavailable with a link to Twitter's Rules and an article about how they're enforced. The notice can be viewed from the account profile and on the actual tweet for two weeks after it's been deleted.

Users will start to see the update over the next few weeks.

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Twitter is also going to start hiding the reported tweets so you don't have to look at them.

"Starting today, once you've reported a Tweet, it will be hidden behind a notice like the one below. If there's a need to see the Tweet you reported, you can tap the notice to view it," Twitter said.

The change is to better define between a user deleting a tweet or one being forcibly taken down.

The social media network has been working on safety updates over the last few months and still have more initiatives to enact.

Twitter took steps against "dehumanizing speech" last month with new regulations. The site is in the same battle as social media networks before it: how do you protect users without censoring them?

In addition to squashing hate speech, Twitter is trying to stabilize before the November 2018 elections. Twitter and other social media sites have been scrambling to fight back against fake accounts and incorrect information since the 2016 election.

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  1. Twitter changed how users see a reported tweet. After it's been reported, users can find out it's been removed on the account page and where the specific tweet was.
  2. Before deletion, the tweet in question will be hidden behind a notification with links to Twitter's rules.

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