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In the latest Windows 10 update, Twitter has made a bunch of changes to the look of its app to made it easier for you to see who your person is following. You can see who else that person follows and other accounts that follow it back.

The update also made a few changes to the direct messaging feature, known colloquially as DMs, allowing you finally to drag and drop photos or videos directly into a text box without any problems. There are also new options for sharing a Tweet in a direct message as well, simplifying the process.

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In its notes on the update, Twitter said they made changes to the event section of the app, adding new support for the feature within the search function that will make it easier to search through the days most important happenings.

"We improved the users recommended when you click on "Share via Direct Message" from the share menu on a Tweet," Twitter wrote.

"We've added followers you know when you visit a profile or hover over a user's handle or name. This gives you more context on who you might know from their followers."

Just last month, Twitter released a bevy of updates to its progressive web app that improved its general performance and gave users the ability to tag up to 10 people in a single Tweet.

"On the widescreen experience, we moved the analytics icon in the same line as the rest of Tweet actions to give you easier access to the feature. We've added a whole set of improvements to the experience while viewing events on the Twitter website," it wrote in October.

"On desktop web, you'll now be able to see the number of notifications you have on the browser tab. You can now view your most recent searches from the search box."

The progressive web app is available on all Windows devices and PCs but is still less robust than its counterparts on iOS and Android devices.

Since May, Twitter has released a steady stream of updates for Windows 10 devices to improve its performance on the devices and bring it more in line with how it functions on other devices with different operating systems.

Senior program manager for Microsoft Edge Kyle Pflug wrote earlier this year that Twitter was working to make more of its functions take advantage of "unique Windows features, including a refreshed look and feel with taskbar pinning, push notifications in Action Center, and share integration with Windows apps."

"Additional features like night mode are coming soon," he added.

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  1. The Twitter app for Windows 10 is being updated so that you when you go to someone's profile, you can see who they follow and who follows them.
  2. The update also allows you to drag and drop photos and videos into direct messages, a feature users have been clamoring for.

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