TweetDeck's new column navigator. (Credit: TweetDeck)

The latest version of TweetDeck is out, and although it's a minor update it also introduces some useful changes worth noting. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Adobe AIR, the biggest change in TweetDeck 0.33 is an alteration to the program's guts that gives it more Twitter API breathing room.

TweetDeck now uses OAuth for calling Twitter's API. The API calls are how TweetDeck gets your tweet information from Twitter's servers, so this means that users can have TweetDeck update all their columns more regularly. In the previous version of TweetDeck, the API limit had been below 200 per hour. Now, it's shot up to 350 calls per hour.

There's also a new column navigator that lives at the bottom of the window. The navigator is made up of several bars, each one analogous to a column in your main window. Clicking a bar will jump you to the top of that particular column. For users with more columns than can fit onscreen, this should make jumping around much easier. Mouse over one of the columns and you'll see the column name, the service icon, the account attached if relevant, how long until the next update, and the current API usage. This can be good to know in case you're worried that one column is consuming too many calls.

TweetDeck 0.33 adds more media previews, including YouTube, Flickr, TwitGoo, MobyPicture, and Posterous, and also allows users to edit search columns without having to delete and then re-create them. The Help window has been revamped completely, as well. The full list of bug fixes and improvements can be read here.