You've missed "The Walking Dead" for months now, since season 6 wrapped in April, and you won't find out who met the wrong end of Lucille until October 23. But if you can't wait for fresh blood, there are two official games based on AMC's hit show to tide you over. In fact, you can sate many of your fall TV cravings with these TV show-themed games and apps.

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"The Walking Dead"

Turned-based RPG The Walking Dead: No Man's Land (Android, iOS; Metacritic score) drops you in the series' zombie-eat-man world, where you must kill or be killed, alongside Rick, Daryl, Abraham, and Michonne.

There's also The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself (Android, iOS). Take a selfie or import an existing shot from your gallery and zombify it with the app's 40-plus effects. Then share your monsterpiece over your favorite messaging or social media apps.


There's a reboot of "MacGyver" coming September 23. Meanwhile, test yourself in MacGyver Deadly Descent (Android). A deadly computer virus has trapped a band of scientists in an underground laboratory, which is quickly losing ventilation. You, as MacGyver, must save them by working your way through the complex, solving puzzles and challenges.

"Mr. Robot"

In Mr. Robot:1.51exfiltrati0n.ipa (Android, iOS; Metacritic score), underground hacker group fsociety is determined to disrupt the operation of E-Corp, a massive global tech conglomerate. You've been enlisted to help out in this text-based game, based on the first season of award-winning USA series "Mr. Robot."

"The Blacklist"

The FBI is working with former government agent and fugitive Raymond "Red" Reddington to locate a list of big-name criminals that he's compiled on his infamous blacklist. Now it's your turn to join the hunt for thieves and assassins in The Blacklist: Conspiracy (Android), a hidden-object game based on popular NBC series "The Blacklist," which returns for season 4 on September 22. You'll search for hidden clues, analyze them in mini games, and rely on your wits as you separate fact from fiction in suspect interrogations.

"Family Guy"

As Fox's new president, Ernie the Giant Chicken's first order is to cancel the channel's hit series "Family Guy" before it returns for its 15th season on September 25. The show's upset star, Peter Griffin, fights his feathered antagonist in an epic battle that destroys his hometown of Quahog. That's how Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (Android, iOS; Metacritic score) starts. How it ends depends on you. Suit up the Griffins as your favorite DC Comics characters and help this beloved family battle for the soul of their hometown against the Legion of Doom.

"Bob's Burgers"

In Bob's Burgers Pinball (Android, iOS), you put your pinball wizardry to the test to help the Belcher family build up their burger restaurant. Win pinball-based challenges in one of 15 different game modes based on favorite episodes from the hit series, with new episodes starting September 25.

"The Simpsons"

In The Simpsons: Tapped Out (Android, iOS; Metacritic score), based on the animated series, which returns for its 28th season on September 25, Springfield has been destroyed (d'oh!). The good news is that you can team up with Homer Simpson to rebuild it to your own liking.

"South Park"


The Official South Park App (Android, iOS) serves up hundreds of classic politically incorrect audio clips from 30 characters, including Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Butters, and Randy, across 19 seasons of the hit Comedy Central cartoon.



If you have the blues because the BBC's "Sherlock," starring Benedict Cumberbatch, won't return until 2017, then cure them with the Sherlock: The Network (iOS, Android) game. There is no time to mope, because Holmes needs your help to solve 10 tough cases in this modern-day puzzler, set on the mean streets of London.

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