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Divorce or separation might be the end of a marriage, but if you have a child, you continue working together for the kid's benefit. Co-parenting can also take place in other arrangements too, like with unmarried couples.

Regardless, sharing the responsibilities of raising a child can be stressful. Communicating with your ex-spouse, co-parenting community, or partner can be emotional or tense depending on your situation.

"What parents may not realize is that after all the smoke clears, the parenting plan will be in place for 10 years, and it will change monthly at some level. We built this application to make that easier to manage ... and a lot better for children," Tim Carlsen, Truece interim CEO said on the website.

The Truece app (iOS, Android) is designed to make the communication, collaboration, and organization that goes into co-parenting more efficient.

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Communication is key in any partnership and Truece includes an in-app text messaging feature. All messages are archived chronologically and searchable by keyword. Conversations can't be edited or altered, which creates an accurate record of communication history.

The app's calendar makes creating events, adding notes, and scheduling visits. The feature links with a Check-in Tool that records parenting time. All calendar information can be exported to iCalendar, Google, Outlook, and other programs.

The Check-in Tool provides a clear, indisputable record of visitation. Users can set up geofenced location triggers to prompt caretakers to change visitation status during pick-ups and drop-offs.

Truece can keep a record of parenting-related expenses with payment documentation, reimbursement records, and reimbursement requests. Transactions can be archived and organized into categories. Users can manually log a purchase or take a photo of an item or receipt.

The app can quickly generate concise reports for legal teams regarding custody history, expenses, communication and more. All reports are admissible in court according to the website.

Truece offers three subscription plans for users. The Standard Tier is free and includes messenger, calendar, notes, basic reporting, 90 days retrieval history, and expense and time tracking.

The Enhanced Tier costs $25 per year with all standard features, enhanced reporting and searching, unlimited data retrieval, advanced printing and sharing, and 3GB of file storage. The Premium Tier is $99 per year with all enhanced features, 5GB of storage, an hour of professional legal consultation, parenting plan support, shared calendar import, and expense and budgeting features.

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  1. No matter what your parental situation is, co-parenting can be challenging. The Truece app provides tools to parents and guardians to make the process more efficient.
  2. The app includes a calendar, expense tracker, messaging, archived information, check-in tools, and court-admissable reports.

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