Unless you're south of the equator, in which case you're closing in on winter, spring's here and so it's time to clear out the deadwood from last season. That means it's time once again for CNET TV's worst downloads of the past three months.

As always, we call out some especially silly software, but I reserved a special place for Internet Explorer toolbars. There's not one IE toolbar that's worse than the other. Instead, the entire category is so rife with disaster that even Microsoft has called them out as the single largest contributor to IE's instability. We're talking 70 percent, folks. That's insane. Ditch those toolbars, STAT.

However, the single worst program uploaded to Download.com since the beginning of the year is one that's designed for men, and those who want to make fun of them. Watch the video to find out which one it is, and let me know in the comments if you're man enough to try it.