Sometimes it takes more than a single photo to capture a moment. Collage apps on Android have become increasingly popular, because they give users much more freedom to express their photography and enables them to create unique galleries. And with the ongoing trend of increasing screen sizes, check out these apps to Insta-photobomb your friends on that big and shiny phablet display of yours.

KD Collage

KD Collage includes templates for just about as many photos as you'd like, whether it's the standard two-to-four photos, five to nine or even 20 at a time. One unique advantage in KD Collage is the ability to freely transform each photo via multitouch. You can also set images as custom backgrounds. Unfortunately, it doesn't provide an easy solution to freely switch grids or the number of photos on the fly. The free version lets you save up to a resolution of 640x640 pixels, but for about a buck-fifty more, you can gain access to "HD" resolutions of 1,024x1,024 pixels and 1,280x1,280 pixels.

Photo Grid
Photo Grid is another popular collage app that streamlines the collage generation process. Unlike KD Collage, Photo Grid will automatically generate the number of grids based on how many photos you select. Another cool trick is that it'll randomly reorder your photos if you shake your phone. You can choose from multiple grid shapes and sizes and add custom borders. Photo Grid also lets you freely scale the size of each photo, but makes you set rotations at increments of 10 or 90 degrees. It's not a deal breaker by any means, but again something simple that's left to be desired.

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is more of a virtual pinboard than the grid-template-heavy setups like Photo Grid, but it is buttery smooth. The app's general interface evokes a playful and fun emotion, characterized by gesture controls, hand-drawn icons, and lots of bright, spring-season color schemes. Pic Collage doesn't come with typical linear grids, but instead emulates the feeling of arranging photos on a scattered table. Beneath the simplistic experience is a full-on image editor, packed with tools to remove blemishes, adjust properties, and apply filters.