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At WWDC 2018, Apple senior vice president Craig Federighi denied rumors of a macOS and iOS merger. Instead, Federighi revealed that iOS apps are coming to the Mac. To start, in macOS 10.14 Mojave, Apple is taking a handful of its own apps from the iPhone and porting them to the Mac.

The only way to get iOS apps on a Mac is to upgrade to Mojave, available September 24. At WWDC, Federighi said Apple will give developers the opportunity to bring their third-party iOS apps to the Mac in 2019.

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Here are the first four iOS apps users will see in Mojave:

1. Apple News

The Apple News app aggregates top stories from trusted sources in one spot. The app features trending stories, notifications, and a personalized news experience. On Mac, Federighi said Apple News will include a new sidebar where users can conveniently click on specific topics and their favorite news sources like Washington Post, New York Times, and CBS News.

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2. Stocks

The Stocks app will also be available for Mac according to Federighi. The app combines stock and index data with related business news stories delivered from the Apple News app. Many of the articles will be visible without leaving the Stocks app. Users can track their stocks in a sidebar and delve deeper with interactive charts.

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3. Voice Memos

Federighi said Voice Memos is the most popular voice recording app on iOS and now it will be available on Mac. The software will also let users sync memos to the iCloud for cross-platform use between iOS and macOS. Voice Memos is also getting an iOS 12 makeover, although Apple isn't changing the interface. Federighi said the update will make it easier to import recordings to programs like GarageBand.

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4. Home

Possibly the most exciting app to make the Mac transition is Apple Home--or at least it's the one that could have the biggest long-term impact. The app lets users control all the Apple HomeKit products in their house--security cameras, smart locks, thermostats, light bulbs, light switches, automated mini-blinds, and more. Users can organize accessories by room, manage multiple accessories simultaneously, and operate them with Siri. The desktop version of the Home app lets users turn the Mac into a "Smart Home" command center.

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Updated 9/12/2018 at 4:30 p.m.


  1. Apple announced the first four iOS apps coming to macOS Mojave, ahead of a broader move to bring third-party iOS apps to Mac in 2019.
  2. Apple News, the Stocks app, Voice Memos, and Home will be available for macOS Mojave when it launches September 24.

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