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Whether you're trying to save money for a car or retirement or need to budget better so you can pay for unexpected medical bills, socking away money usually takes discipline and commitment. But your time is too valuable for that. Fortunately, our top personal finance apps to save money for iOS and Android offer an automatic savings feature, so you can set your savings goals and have the apps add money to your savings account for you. Many of them will also help you invest your money wisely, so you can amass that outrageous fortune even faster.

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1. Acorns

The squirrels squirrel away acorns for a rainy day, and so should you. One of the most popular budgeting apps, the secure Acorns (Android, iOS) app, with 256-bit encryption, encourages you to hold onto your spare change by rounding up purchases made with the Acorns Spend debit card and investing it in diversified smart portfolios that automatically rebalance as the market shifts. Download the app and get all this for just $3 per month.


2. Stash

With plans starting at $1 a month for balances under $5,000, Stash (Android, iOS), one of the most respected money-savings apps, helps you save and invest in individual stocks and curated funds. The Stash mobile app will save and invest for you or provide you with general financial education and personalized advice, so you can learn to make that money multiply yourself. With 256-bit SSL encryption, you know your financial info will be protected by Stash.


3. Digit

Get those digits up with the secure 128-bit SSL encrypted Digit (Android, iOS) app, which analyzes your spending on the daily and then, based on your saving needs, determines how much money to transfer from your bank account to your Digit savings account, where you'll earn 1 percent annually. After your free trial, you'll pay just $2.99 a month for your subscription.


4. Qapital

Become your best financial self with Qapital (Android, iOS). This 256-encrypted mobile banking app helps you create savings goals and a budget, and with automatic savings rules, triggered by purchases and additional transactions, you can just set it and forget it. Qapital also offers Qapital Invest, which makes portfolio recommendations that are unique to you and keeps tabs on your account, reinvesting dividends and rebalancing depending on market shifts, so you don't have to. Qapital members can choose from three tiers of membership to help them manage their money as they navigate various stages of financial well-being: Basic, Complete and Master, priced at $3, $6 and $12 per month, respectively.


5. Clarity Money

Link all your financial accounts to free-to-use Clarity Money (Android, iOS). Then, using "data science" and "machine learning," the app promises to make "cents" of users' spending to help them spend less and save more. To this end, Clarity Money also lets you set up a savings account that will automatically withdraw money from your checking account whenever it makes "cents."


6. PocketGuard

Connect all your financial accounts to the 256-bit SSL-encrypted PocketGuard (Android, iOS) app and learn how much you can spend based on your existing spending habits and earnings. Then set and achieve daily, weekly, and monthly spending goals. Discover where you can cut corners and even how to lower your bills in the app. PocketGuard Plus enables you to track cash spent and received and plan for bills paid in cash for $3.99 per month or $34.99 a year.


7. Grand

One of the more interesting finance apps on our list, Grand: Save Money & Win (iOS) rewards users for saving money by turning it into a money-earning lottery game you'll surely want to play. Just link your checking account to the bank-level encrypted app and automate transfers from your checking account each week or just when you want to to a savings account that enables you to earn 1 percent. But every time you add more money to your savings account, you're entered to win a weekly drawing, each Friday at 11 a.m. PT. If you're one of the lucky winners, your winnings -- up to $1,000 -- are transferred directly to your account. Grand can hold onto your savings or invest it in an investment account or retirement funds. Grand is free to try for the first month and then costs $2 a month.


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