At CNET, we are very aware that--regardless of our large catalog of downloadable software, music, and games--our greatest asset is you, our users. When it comes to any development on the site, we think about you first.

We've always been grateful to have intelligent, respectful, and engaged users on CNET Our user reviews of software are some of our most prized features, because they generally display an accurate opinion of the download community.

We continued to expand our communication with CNET users two years ago, when we introduced our blog, The Daily Download. Aside from presenting new and interesting software and tips, the blog also allows you all to tell us what you think in the comments.

I'm happy to announce another major advance for users on CNET We've just launched a brand-new CNET forum that is dedicated completely to the CNET Web site. If you've got a question, comment, complaint, or suggestion about the site, take it to the forum!

Since we were adding a new CNET site forum, we also took the opportunity to fill in some other gaps in our forum coverage. We also launched a new audio and video software forum, as well as one devoted to digital photography and design software. If you want to make the perfect mix for your next party or remove red-eye from your family photos, create your own thread and get advice and opinions from users and editors.

I'm excited to be developing the CNET community into a more robust and rewarding experience. I urge you all to contribute as much as possible. I'll see you in the forums!

Peter has been working at since 2003, when trialware was shareware and toolbars were those large metal rods for smashing car windows. Currently, he wrangles the reviews, videos, newsletter, blog, and special collections for, as well as managing the program data throughout the software directory.