CustomizeGoogle interface
Enable streaming search results via the CustomizeGoogle's Web settings. (Credit: CNET Networks/CustomizeGoogle)

When I fired up my Mozilla Firefox browser this morning, I received an unpleasant surprise. I tried my first Give Me Back My Google search of the day, only to be confronted with a 10 search results and a "Next" button for more results. What the deuce?

I haven't seen a "Next" button for Google results in a few years, ever since I installed the CustomizeGoogle extension for Firefox way back when. Along with key features such as ad blocking, secure connections for Google Docs and Gmail, and alternative search-engine results, my favorite feature of the extension is the capability to "stream" search results.

Streaming results means that you never have to click "Next" and "Back" to view Google search results again. When you search Google, you'll be presented with your usual 10 results (or 50, or 100, or whatever your saved preference is). However, if you have "Stream search results pages" selected under the "Web" settings of CustomizeGoogle, you only need to scroll down to see results 11+. The further you scroll, the more result appear, all the way to No. 302,526 or whatever the number of the final search result.

Luckily for all of us, the developers of CustomizeGoogle released a new version of the add-on today. Version 0.76 fixes Google Suggest, adds Query Suggestions, restores links to other search engines in Google Shopping, and (most importantly for me) fixes streaming search results. Huzzah!

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