An exponent of artists like Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Ladytron, Little Boots has some pretty big dancing shoes to fill. But the 29-year-old British synthpop singer (born Victoria Hesketh) is definitely on her way. Her sophomore album "Nocturnes," following on the heels of her UK Top 5, Gold-selling debut "Hands," finds Boots working with DFA Records co-founder and production visionary, Tim Goldsworthy, Hercules and Love Affair's Andy Butler, and Simian Mobile Disco's James Ford, on nine tracks so danceable they'll wear out your boogie shoes.

Little Boots spreads the dance pop gospel.

Using "Nocturnes" as our North Star, used the album tracks as our guide to uncovering the apps that make Little Boots dance, her favorite gaming apps, the one she could never do without, and how her shows have become Grindr hotspots.

With opening number, "Motorway," you talk about going to that special place. I was wondering, A) what's that special place for you and B) if there was an app that could take you there?
I guess when you travel so much, you just want to be home, so it's lame...but I love my home in London. When you're flying around the world, it becomes the place you miss the most.

For an app, I know this is a boring answer, but TomTom. It would be cool if you had an app that could map your drive to music; I think that would be really cool. We spend so much time on the road and it would be cool if you could share road trip playlists with people who live in desolate or urban areas, so when you're driving through, the music matches your surroundings.

In light of "Confusion," which was my first favorite track on the album, have you ever been confused by an app?
Probably. This is going to make me look really bad and it's a really nerdy revelation, but we recently downloaded the Civilization app, that really nerdy one where you conquer the world; it's like a World of Warcraft game. So we downloaded that, because we thought it would be fun on the plane, but we couldn't figure it out. We used to be into Age of Empires, so we thought it'd be fun -- but it's too confusing. We haven't gotten past the first part yet.

For "Broken Record," is there an app that you want to bypass, but just can't seem to get past?
Yeah, I hate anything that does those little updates. It drives me crazy. I am always getting notifications like someone's gotten this or done this. But I could just turn them off, couldn't I [laughs]? But I hate them.

You mean like on Facebook or Twitter?
All of the above. I guess that makes me sound like a grumpy, old witch, but I just don't want to know if someone just checked in at the gym.

For the song "Shake," what app do you put on when you want to dance?
When I see a DJ and hear a song I really like, I use Shazam. Some apps, though, you can actually shake. I had a thing for Boggle for a while.

For "Beat Beat," what's the last app that you downloaded that really got your heart racing?
I guess TETRIS. When it gets to the end and you have a million blocks coming at you, I think my heart races hard at that point. It's kind of my perfect game. But someone needs to make advanced TETRIS for after you finish the game.

"Crescendo" is a song about addiction. Is there an app that you've become completely addicted to?
I think Vine; when it first came out, I was always making vines, but then I got bored with it. I use Rdio all the time. It's my favorite music app. You can even hear what your friends are listening to. I love it.

For "Strangers," is there an app that you are curious about but are still mostly unfamiliar with?
Well, I haven't dabbled, but everyone's always telling me about Grindr. Apparently my gigs are really big Grindr hotspots, so if you're looking for a man, apparently my gigs are great places to come. There's a straight Grindr out, but I don't dabble. I'm just really intrigued by these things.

Maybe Grindr should sponsor one of your shows.
Amazing idea!

The number of blokes at Little Boots concerts keeps multiplying.

Why do you think that you have such a huge gay following?
My music incorporates disco and house music and hi-NRG, and I think, traditionally, that music has been very popular in gay clubs. I don't know...maybe they've just got great taste. Regardless, my gay fans are the most lovely and the most genuine. I think my gay fans seem to get me and what I'm about and it doesn't take explaining. It's pop music, so you can dance to it, but it's not stupid. It has some kind of emotion. They seem to get it, and I love them for that.

Considering the track "All For You," which app could make you forego all others?
Netflix? No, I'm really obsessed with the British Airways app. My whole band is. We will pay more money just to get those airline miles. We're obsessed with them. We tweet them, and the app is amazing. Every day we're getting on a flight and it's amazing. It tells you your gate number and if your flight's getting delayed, and just makes your life easier. We have become airplane nerds. We have contests at security to see who can get through quickest. It's really embarrassing.

Finally, in light of closing track "Satellite," in which situations do you generally use GPS?
When we're on tour, I often go for a run and get lost pretty easily, so I use it for that. I also like The Night Sky app where it shows you the stars; and to have it out and see the stars -- it's amazing.

Watch the video for "Satellite" here:

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