It was a slow week for software news, so today we present just the five app announcements that made us shake our heads. Also, check out our beach and barbecue apps to help you pledge allegiance to the flagon and the ignited steaks of America, and don't miss fireworks apps for better gunpowder appreciation. To get the latest reviews and features from our editors in your inbox, subscribe to our weekly newsletters.

Blade app

Black limos not swag enough for you? Uber (iOS, Android) has partnered with Blade (iOS, Android) to offer helicopter rides from New York to the Hamptons today and Friday, or vice versa Sunday and Monday. The whirlybird will have you cold lampin' in the Hamptons in approximately 30 minutes.

Rock Simulator

Rolling stones gather no moss, but can immobile stones gather downloaders? We'll find out when Strange Panther releases Rock Simulator, a game where you play a rock in a variety of environments. That's it. The game met its funding on Indiegogo and will be Oculus Rift-compatible, which might be exciting if there's a Glass Houses mode. Sizzle reel here.

Mountain game

Or, why play a rock when you can make a whole mountain? Artist David O'Reilly, who created the video game with the sweary alien (NSFW) featured in "Her," has released Mountain for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS. The game asks you personal questions and, based on your answers, builds a mountain that changes over time. Happy little clouds and trees are included; mountain goats are not, alas.

Speaking of Mountains, we don't know if the one on "Game of Thrones" is still alive, but gentle giant Hodor is and continues to delight fans with his one-word vocabulary. We told you about Hodor Keyboard and Yo; now, perhaps inevitably, there's Yo, Hodor to message your friends a "Hodor." It's available for iOS.


Finally, if even one word is too many for you, two guys are developing Emojli, an emoji-only network. It's not out yet but will be on iOS, and you can register your emoji username now, if you feel the urge to call dibs on hamster face+cupcake.

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