On Thursday, Google rolled out some key features to enhance their Photos+ service, not only showcasing some powerful editing tools for users, but also leveraging their Native Client (NaCL) technology for Chrome.

Since buying out Nik Software's SnapSeed, Google's been hard at work incorporating their editing tools directly within Google+, and even Android. Earlier in the year, Google introduced 'Auto Awesome' for Android, which automatically analyzes each of your mobile photos and attempts to adjust them automatically.

Users can selectively adjust various levels of their photos, including brightness, contrast, saturation, and more all from within the app. It already feels fluid and clean, and most importantly, upfront and easy to use. The new photo editor also includes built in filters from SnapSeed's mobile app, including Vintage, Drama, and Retrolux to give some of your photos that extra effect. Google has also included the option to undo or revert your edits and changes at any time.

The new photo editors will slowly be rolled out to all Google+ users, but you can also grab the mobile versions for Android and iOS which is available now.