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In November, Snappr unveiled the app version of its website that helps connect people with professional photographers for relatively low prices. Since then the website and app have flourished, with photographers in most major cities in the US and Australia. The founders have been tight-lipped about how many photographers are on the service, but told Australian news outlets that more than 5,000 have applied and less than 5 percent are usually approved after going through the 4-step interview process.

The Australian startup was founded in May 2016 but came to the fore six months later as part of Y Combinator's Winter '17 batch. After moving their headquarters to San Francisco, Snappr co-founders Matt Schiller and Ed Kearney managed to raise more than $2 million in funding from venture capital heavyweights in Australia and the US.

A 30-minute shoot will only cost you about $59, from which you will get your pick of three photos. You can do the same half-an-hour shoot and have access to all the photos for $99. The prices go up from there based on the amount of time and the amount of photos you want.

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"Snappr is the perfect (and often, only) solution for someone who doesn't know any photographers, doesn't want to spend three days researching on Yelp, but wants to hire a certified photographer to take a new profile portrait or dating profile pic or show up at a business event at their office sometime the following day," Snappr Marketing Manager Adam Griffith told GeekWire in 2017.

With the unveiling of the app, the entire process has been simplified even more. Snappr asks for basic information about the event including time, location and the type of photos needed. Photography Talk said users can find photographers within at least 2-3 hours all from the app and within 48 hours you will have professionally edited photos sent directly to the app.

Snappr takes up to a 35 percent cut of each booking fee. The website initially secured a massive amount of funding from Australian sports stars and Google Maps co-founder Lars Rasmussen. Just last year the company purchased, which has one of the largest photographer databases in Australia.

"We were talking about partnership opportunities, because we're very different models in the end. They are a directory of photographers, where as we are a fully managed on-demand solution, where we take payments, and we curate the photographers," Schiller told The Australian last year.

"We appreciated that some of their customers were in need of a more on-demand solution and they didn't want to have to do all of the searching and vetting themselves. One thing led to another, and we ended up talking about acquisition."

According to TechCrunch, the website has facilitated thousands of bookings already, with most people hiring photographers for birthday parties, events or professional photos for work and dating apps.

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  1. Snappr is now available as an app, connecting users to photographers in their area.
  2. The website and app have facilitated thousands of photographer bookings since starting out two years ago.

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