Snapchat is adding 20 news partners to the Discover section of its app in a move to give its users broader access to user-generated content and a reason to stick with the social/camera service.

For the addition, Snapchat will let its new partners curate stories with user-generated content, according to a story today from Axios. Among the additions are CNN, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, iHeart, Lad Bible, NBC, Refinery 29, and Vice. Snap is providing its partners with publishing tools that will let them create stories from user-published photos and videos as well as create their own stories for the Discover section.

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The Discover section includes stories from your friends up top. Below that, you find content from publishers, channels, and other creators you subscribe to. At the bottom, you'll see a collection of recommended stories from publishers Snapchat thinks you might find interesting.

The Discover stories have found an audience with Snapchat, with NBC offers several popular stories. According to AdWeek, NBC's Stay Tuned story gets 35 million unique viewers a month, adding up to 1 billion total views for its 600+ episodes.

By letting the new partners build Discover stories with user content, Snapchat hopes to lower the barrier of entry into the popular section.

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  1. Snapchat has recruited 20 new news partners that can use content created by Snapchat to create stories.
  2. The stories will be part of Snapchat's popular Discover section.

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